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How Ticket Touts and Scammers are Being Put Out of Business

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How infuriating is it when you want to buy tickets to see your favorite artist, whether that be Beyonce, The Foo Fighters or Hannah Williams and The Affirmations, only to find that they’ve all sold out within seconds?

Very annoying. It’s even more annoying when you discover that a great many of those tickets were snapped up by parasitic ticket touts looking to make a fast buck and that you can buy the tickets you wanted, but only if you’re willing to pay double triple or even ten times as much on a resale site and even then, you could end up with a fake ticket!

Fortunately, although this practice of ticket touts buying up every seat they can get their hands on is still a problem, musicians, promoters and ticket sellers have been listening to event lovers’ complaints, and they are starting to take action.

Finding the Bots

For example, major online ticketing company Ticketmaster, who I’, sure you’ve heard of, have developed technology which looks at the patterns surrounding purchases. This helps them to identify bots being used by touts to make lots of purchases very quickly. They can then block these transactions so that the real fans don’t miss out and the ticket touts don’t make vast amounts of money via what most people would agree are unethical practices at best.


Another thing that is happening is that ID is being checked much more often at venues, where it is insisted that the person who booked the ticket is present. Of course, this has presented some issues whereby friends who’ve arrived at a venue separately have struggled to gain entry because they weren’t aware of the requirement, and where fans have bought tickets from resale sites and then been unable to use them, but this is sure to settle down in the future as more of us become aware of the benefits of linking ID to tickets.

Digital Tickets

Furthermore, many ticketing companies are now offering a better class of digital tickets, and companies like TicketOffices are setting up digital ticket resale sites that have lots of extra checks and balances, to ensure that individuals cannot buy invalid tickets or tickets that they cannot use. They verify every ticket, so that should you decide to buy a digital ticket than is being resold, you can be 100 percent confident that you will be getting exactly what you paid for. This is a big step forward from the old way of buying tickets via mobile using companies like Dice, where you couldn’t resell your ticket ever. This  means that it is fairer for everyone.

As I mentioned earlier, there is still a ways to go in stopping touts in their tracks and scammers offering paper tickets are still a problem, but thanks to these advances in technology and process, it is a whole lot easier for us fans to buy tickets with confidence, for a fair price and not end up left out in the cold when things go wrong.

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