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How Not to Feel Lonely When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day comes along with a lot of pressure: pressure to look great, pick up the perfect gift, and have a romantic evening planned with someone special

However, for single folks, it often feels as though the best course of action is to sit the whole holiday out at home, forgoing the festivities and pining away for a partner next year. However, just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time. In fact, Valentine’s Day can be just as fun — if not more — if you’re flying solo. Instead of staying inside and moping this Valentine’s Day, follow these tips and you might even have more fun than you did when you were coupled up:

Treat yourself to a spa day: Single or not, you deserve to be pampered, and that’s especially true on Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, plan yourself a day full of pampering at a local salon or spa. Not only will this help you relax, you’ll also enjoy the kind of confidence that no relationship can match.

Have a romantic movie viewing party: This Valentine’s Day, round up your inner circle and remind yourselves just how cheesy Valentine’s Day is with a rom-com watching party. Pop some popcorn, put on your PJs, and cue up classic romantic movies like “Say Anything” and “The Notebook” for maximum schmaltzy effect.

Cook a fancy meal for your friends: Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t deserve company on Valentine’s Day. Show your friends how much you care about them this year by cooking up a feast at your house. Not all love has to be romantic love, after all.

Splurge on a present: If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, use that money you would have spent on a gift for a significant other for yourself. Whether you’ve been eyeing an Apple Watch or a pair of Ferragamo flats, now’s the perfect time to treat yourself.

Get dressed up and hit the town: You may feel like you’re the only single people in the world on Valentine’s Day, but that’s hardly the case. Valentine’s Day is actually a great time to meet other singles, so get dressed up and hit the city; Mr. or Miss Right could be single tonight, too.

Just because you don’t have some grand romantic plan for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time this year. If you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, a few modifications to your usual coupled-up plans can turn what could be a sad occasion into a celebration. This year, remind yourself of just what a catch you are, single or not, and make the most of your February 14th.

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