How massage therapy can help your health and wellbeing

You may have heard multiple times how good massage therapy is for your health and well-being. This is a very true statement. The only problem is that you may not know in what ways massage therapy benefits your health. To find the answers to this question, keep reading the article!

It reduces chronic pain

People who suffer from chronic pain usually find it difficult to lead a happy life. This doesn’t come across as a surprise since chronic pain is a serious problem. Once they turn to massage therapy, they can improve the overall quality of their life. What massage does is actually increase a person’s serotonin level. Because of this change, chronic pain is reduced. Massage reduces chronic pain related to stiffness, soreness, injuries, and chronic health conditions.

Massages are great for relaxing muscles and stiff joints, as well as reducing fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia is the name of a chronic syndrome known for generalized pain, lack of energy, intense fatigue, sleep alterations, headache, depression, anxiety, and muscle spasms. Due to the long list of health issues this syndrome includes, you can understand why it’s important to reduce the negative consequences. Thanks to the powers of a good massage, that isn’t impossible.

It reduces other types of pain too

Massage isn’t good just for chronic pain. It can also help you if you have back pain and arthritis pain. Massage has been proven to be the best remedy for back pain on multiple occasions. If you’ve had this problem lately, don’t hesitate and see how beneficial massage can be for you. You will feel the results very soon since the massage will increase your blood flow and endorphins while decreasing the tension at the same time.

If you’re suffering from arthritis pain, a quality massage is able to help you. You’ll need a massage that includes pressuring lightly your joints and the tiny pressure receptors under the skin. This will significantly ease arthritis pain. This also happens to the increased blood flow. Since the blood circulation is boosted, you’ll get a new sense of flexibility and mobility as soon as you’re done with your massage.

It relieves headaches

Living with constant headaches isn’t the best way to spend your days. Another benefit of massage therapy is that it relieves headaches. Massage is a great way to relax and de-stress the body. This could come in handy if you have trouble with migraine attacks. The secret is in relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points. This will significantly reduce your chances of experiencing migraine attacks and it will reduce the tension.

Headaches carry a lot of difficulties with them. You may feel a lot of side effects that will stop you from enjoying your life. Because of that, it’s important to treat them. You should use all the help you can get. Professionals, such as the ones at Movement 101 could do a lot to help you solve this problem and reduce its side effects too in the process. Make sure to get the massage focused on your neck, shoulders, and head that will significantly decrease the pain and discomfort that follows constant headaches.

It improves posture and enhances athletic performance

People tend to have bad postures nowadays, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of time they spend in front of computers. Even if you stand all day, you are bound to have problems with posture. Poor posture can bring other problems. This is a reason more why this problem should be fixed. Massages are great because they help loosen and relax your muscles which results in a pain-free posture.

Next to solving the poor posture, massages also enhance athletic performance. You may have noticed how important massages are for all successful athletes. If you are an athlete too or you need some more energy for the gym, massage may be the thing you need to improve your performance.

It strengthens the body’s immune system

Among all of the other benefits that massages have for your health, they also strengthen your body’s immune system. If you experience high levels of stress, you are much more vulnerable to illness and injury than people who don’t. If you add sleep disturbances and poor nutrition to the stress, you get a very poor immune system.

A strong immune system is very important since it helps your body in defense against infections, pathogens, and bacteria. Since it has such great importance for your well-being, it’s essential to work on improving your immune system. Since massages reduce stress, they enhance your body’s ability to fight enemies such as infections or bacteria. It can even reduce depression and anxiety and immediately improve the quality of your life.


Massages have a lot of benefits to your well-being. Even if you don’t have health issues now, massages can be a great way to prevent them from happening. With the right techniques, massages will be your best friend when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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