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How Learning Piano Lessons Can Empower You in Life and Love

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Since the beginning of time, music has been a part of people’s lives. Used and played by many for various reasons, music offers benefits that transcend science. Music can lull you to sleep, inspire you, elevate your mood, reduce depression; the list goes on and on. Music has the power to touch your emotions; it has a magic in it that can arouse your imagination.

For music to benefit people, it has to come alive for them. One thing that contributes to music is instruments, and since instruments create music, playing and instrument is believed to have the same effect as music in general. Playing piano, in particular, is said to make you happier, healthier, and smarter. If you’re not convinced to dust off that old piano in the attic or enroll in a piano lesson nearby yet, continue reading as we unveil how playing the instrument can empower you in life, in love, and in general.

Piano and Other Music Relieves Stress

In the fast-paced society we live in today, it’s very easy for us to lose our innate peace and succumb to the worries of the modern day world. Our body is smart… when we are drowning in anxiety and stress, it matches it, resulting in the fight-and-flight response where our blood pressure and heart rate increase and our breathing becomes faster. Playing piano has proven to calm our insides and relieve the strain and tension in our minds.

When you don’t know what to do anymore, do yourself a favor: play piano, or any instrument for that matter, and allow yourself to shut down the stress that’s slowly crippling you from the inside out. It will result in a feeling of relaxation, which can help you refocus your thoughts and cope with your hectic, stressful schedule.

Piano Is an Emotional Outlet

Learning to play piano offers an emotional advantage, as it serves as an outlet for people to let their negative emotions float away, and to share with others their more artistic side. They express themselves more.

  • Learning piano gives a person a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, especially after successfully playing a difficult piece.
  • It develops one’s style and enhances their creativity.
  • As with any musical instrument, playing piano builds confidence and increases self-esteem.
  • Since it relieves stress, playing piano lowers the chance of developing depression and anxiety.

Playing Piano Focuses the Mind

Not only does learning and playing piano empower you emotionally, but it also provides cognitive benefits. It is considered a gateway to a more focused mind and more controlled motor functions.

Taking piano lessons improves the neural connections of the brain, especially the coordination of the sensory and motor functions. Additionally, learning how to play piano enhances the natural defense of the brain against cognitive deterioration and memory loss. It also:

  • Develops critical thinking and reasoning.
  • Strengthens reading skills.
  • Enhances concentration skills and improves attention span.

Playing Shapes Healthy Habits

Learning the instrument is also beneficial in shaping our habits. Playing it doesn’t just require one to be skilled; it necessitates and instills disciplinary skills. It demands organization, and so it creates a pattern that may be reflected in other aspects of the person’s daily living.

People who play the piano also show improved abilities in problem-solving, which can empower them in many facets of their life. They are known as multi-taskers.

Piano Brings a Sense of Belonging

Playing piano and creating music creates in the player a sense of entitlement and belonging. It lifts their soul and gives them a chance to breathe in their own space. The way you strike each white or black key and the manner in which you close your eyes allow you to be carried away within a song.

Piano playing is a portal to yourself: your strengths, weaknesses, and deepest and innermost being. Self-discovery leads to openness, to acceptance that what you can and can’t do all add up to what and who you are.

Learning the piano might just be another hobby to you, but it can transform you into a more skilled, disciplined, and empowered individual. Why not try its magic today and spread life and love around you? There are professional piano lessons providers like Playground Sessions that can provide you with interactive piano lessons you’ll surely love and enjoy.


Jordan Douglas

Jordan is a keen musician who enjoys playing gigs in his local town. He hopes to one day make it big as a musician and loves to teach those who want to learn about music and share his passion about music at Playground Sessions. In his spare time if he’s not strumming his guitar or playing the piano, he’s spending time with friends.

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