How is email marketing still one of the essential marketing strategies in the digital world?

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Digital marketing is slowly but steadily becoming the backbone of marketing for different businesses. With new and evolving business strategies, email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that your company has the maximum possible outreach to prospective customers. There are many types of innovative marketing techniques that can be done when you are relying on digital marketing options, and a fusion of social media and email marketing can prove to be an excellent choice.

Instagram and millions of users

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular marketing platforms which you can opt for with millions of active users every month on the platform. Instagram is primarily a mobile native application based social media that allow users to share images and view images related to their topic of interest. Marketing has been made easier through this particular platform at a very negligible cost which is why the social media platform Instagram is becoming so popular. A newsletter subscription for the Instagram profiles which you follow gives you a very detailed insight into their recent posts, and hence you can stay updated about them. This option can be put to promotional and marketing use as well.

What is email marketing?

There are so many different methods of digital marketing, and email marketing is perhaps the oldest of them. This is a form of marketing that can never go wrong. When a user shows interest in the products available and offered by a particular website and views them, they are eventually asked whether they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. This way they can ensure that any future product launches and new items can be easily availed of as they get the update regarding the same. To some people who are opting for the newsletters, the several latest updates are available as a priority.

Since almost every person who uses the internet probably has an email account, email marketing is a good strategy to reach out to more and more people. Most companies opt for email marketing for their business expansion and brand reputation. When Instagram is combined with email marketing, you have an absolute outreach to prospective clients. Klean Leads is a complete outreach & prospecting automation software.

How to use Instagram for marketing?

When you have a profile for your business on Instagram, you can reach out to a number of prospective followers for Instagram, and they would be able to link back to your business page if you put up the website details in the bio of the profile. Millions of Instagram users allow business owners to gain massive traffic to the brand site. These prospective clients will eventually subscribe to your newsletters if they are interested in what you have to offer. There are various types of products that are trending on Instagram and with the help of the right hashtags, you can ensure that your items are visible to prospective buyers.

Instagram promotion and personal account

Ensure that the account through which you are marketing your brand is separate from your account. While adding a few behind the scenes and personal touches here and there can draw the attention of your audience, at the same time it is important to keep in mind that it should majorly focus on the product you have for sale. Promotion through an Instagram account is very easily done; making the right choice is important. Instagram promotion would mean that you should post pictures with the proper caption, information and relevant hashtags to make them discoverable. The number of pictures you post per day, and the hashtags and captions used all together, have an impact on whether you would get a good amount of business through it. So put a lot of thought into your business posts on the Instagram account to make sure that the promotion is being done correctly.

Email promotion

Have a specialized group of people who can guide you with the newsletters and their designs. There are many types of email promotion methods, and if your emails are too persistent and nagging, it can have a negative impact on the clients you could have had. The number of newsletters clients receive in a day from you, and also the content determines how it would impact your buyers. The Instagram page that you have would ensure that you get some followers who would eventually wish to subscribe to the email promotion option to get the latest updates. Email advertising is hence a significant part of digital marketing to any company.

What should you avoid?

While promoting your brand there are certain things you must not do. The first and foremost thing to avoid is using random hashtags as that would not get you the target audience. Also, a too regular newsletter is not very favorable to a prospective buyer either. These are some of the main things which should be taken note of while conducting marketing through Instagram.


If you have the skills, then you can simultaneously manage an email subscription promotion as well as an Instagram account on your own. Together, they can be the best combination for managing promotional works for your business and controlling the entire thing on your own. There are various types of factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure that your campaign is successful and nothing can provide better promotion than email marketing strategies. At the same time, since social media is becoming so influential, the Instagram page is a great option for marketing any business that you own.

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