How important is product branding?

Written by Mike Parsons

Brands have incredible power over us. With just a name of a popular brand, you can already imagine their logo, with all of its details. Colors, forms, shape, size and many other factors come into play here and, all of them are put together to help make and shape the overall finished picture. Brand recognition is something that each company wants to achieve as the value of something like that can hardly be measured.

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A well-known and established brand is a powerful asset in the right marketing hands, but the road to achieving such a thing is a long and arduous one. As each journey starts with that first step, it is worth noting that any efforts and investments made in this area more than pay for themselves in the long run. Without getting in the way of you and your future quest for your ideal brand design and campaign, let us get started.

1. Scout out the competition

Imagine tinkering for a long time, investing countless time, money and manpower into designing and developing the perfect brand campaign, only to find out that your competition already did that or has the right for one. The legal part of this endeavor is often overlooked, which is a rooky mistake. Scout out your competition first, make sure that they haven’t already done your idea so that you don’t come out as a copycat and waste valuable funds.

The next step, after you have done your homework, would be to set yourself apart from your competitors. Brands, logos and such, need to make your company stand out and be unique in the field so that your potential customers can differentiate you from the pack. Blending in won’t do and, if you make an effort to be unique or memorable, then your customers will appreciate that.

2. Consistency

One size does fit all and, so should your branding strategy. You will probably be using a lot of different mediums, channels and platforms, but your overall message, tone and design should remain the same. Since everything is being done online now, using different messages will easily catch up to you via your digital footprint. Your company, its message, branding and marketing strategy, should all stay uniform, cohesive and universal.

This way you avoid any miscommunication, confusion and dilution of brand awareness. With a single and uniform message and brand strategy, you will come out to your customers as a direct and honest person to do business with, which will make them associate your brand with positive traits.

3. Protect what is yours

It’s a cruel and unforgiving business world out there. Many brands get eaten or buried under much larger and stronger ones. Just as you should do your homework about the competition, so too should you protect what you already created with a professional and experienced patent attorney by your side. All that hard work, dedication and future planning should not go to waste and can be easily protected with a single legally binding contract. Patent law is a broad term, but brands are one of the keystones of intellectual property and, it only makes sense to protect them as they grow and become your most valuable asset.

4. Listen to the market

There is no need to re-invent the wheel as plenty of material exists out there. Always keep in mind that you are doing this for your customers, so it is important to give them what they want and need. Just as your product and/or service is tailored made to them, so too can your branding strategy. People respond to different things and discovering what makes them tick and concerning your product is the key formula for success here.

You will notice that most food brands go for bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and similar, as those are associated with food and appetite. This is just one small example of how color can play a key factor when you are making your brand and branding strategy. Think of it as an extension of your product that adds additional value to the overall picture.

5. Your brand reflects your company

This last tip sums up all that we previously covered. Since you know your company the best, it only makes sense to transfer that to your brand as well. It can reflect the tone, energy and mission that you are trying to convey while at the same time remaining consistent with the overall mission you are trying to achieve. For example, serious and luxury car companies don’t have wacky and colorful logos as those are not adequate for them.

When you are creating a brand and the following strategy, think of what emotions and feelings it can invoke in your potential customers. Now, reflect on that and see if they match your companies’ goals and ideals. Cross-reference that with what your product and service are and, you already have about half a picture done and ready. It all ties in together and, one cannot function without the other.

When all the parts of your company are functioning towards the same goal, like a well-oiled machine, it’s a thing of beauty to behold. Brand and brand strategy should be seen as icing on the cage and the foundations at the same time. Designing from both ends is valid and can make the process that interesting. We understand that all of this may seem daunting at first since there is a lot of info to take in at once. But it gets easier when you take that first step and start diving into the gist of things.

One thing leads to another, and with a little trial and error, much can get accomplished. It always pays off to remember that this endeavor is a marathon and not a race. Not a single brand was built or perfected overnight and any experience you gain while doing this can be proven invaluable as you make additional tweaks and adjustments to your beloved brand. All good things take time, so we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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