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How I became a M/M Writer by Grein Murray

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I fell in love with books at a young age and it all started with a book given to me by my father, The Hobbit. It was the first time I got lost in the pages of a book and fell into another world created by an author. It has since happened with a lot of other books and I still enjoy being drawn into a good story.

I’ve had friends in the LGBT community since I can remember, but I hadn’t thought of writing an MM book until I read my first one. I came across the book by accident but was intrigued with the story line so I dove in and fell in love with the genre. To me, the love between two men is not only powerful but beautiful as well. The name of the book that inspired me is The Adorned, by John Tristan.

When I was in high school, my English teacher encouraged me to become a writer because she saw potential in my writing and story telling. As life unfolded, that dream slowly faded away.  It wasn’t until I got to know author, Brina Brady, that I thought of writing again. With Brina’s encouragement and guidance, I wrote my first book, Loving Joshua.

Since starting, I have written 9 other books. The Joshua series follows two main characters on their journey to escape the troubled lives they had with their prejudiced parents. As luck would have it, they meet someone who changes their lives in more ways than one. I Have You is a spin off book from that series about two other popular characters and shows how they met.

The next book I wrote was Capturing Oliver. Oliver is all alone in the world and has to work hard to pay for college and his living expenses. He would have never thought that the sexy man that had caught his eye at work would soon be a big part of his life. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time might have actually been the best thing to happen to Oliver.

My His Fallen Angel series is the only supernatural books I have written and are about angels, some work against humanity while others do their best to protect mankind. The main character, Alexander finds himself in the clutches of a evil fallen angel and gets help from someone he would have thought was an enemy. As the two spend more time together, their love and bond grow. There always seems to be danger lurking and they must work together to overcome it.

The Dancer’s series is about two dancers who are from halfway around the world from one another, but a seasonal job makes their worlds collide together. The summer just isn’t enough time to be together, so they must make tough decisions about their future either together or apart.

A little about my personal life, I am a very active single mom of 4 who enjoys spending time with my children. I also love animals and currently have 1 dog, 6 birds and a hamster.  My house can get pretty long and chaotic at times, but I wouldn’t change it.

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