Horse Riding In The Rain: Top Tips For How To Stay Dry

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Riding in the rain is inevitable for any rider. Until Spring rolls around, to keep you and your horse fit, you will most likely need to ride in poor weather conditions. This can be uncomfortable for you and your horse, as riding in even light rain can leave you soaked by the end. But it doesn’t need to be this way; there are plenty of ways you can stay dry when riding in the rain to make the experience more comfortable for you both. From waterproof clothing to exercise rugs, we’ll have you prepared for your next rain-filled ride. So, if you’re ready to face the elements and tackle riding in the rain, then read on.

Keep Your Horse And Tack Dry With A Waterproof Exercise Rug

If you’re riding your horse in the rain on a regular basis, then you’ll need to make sure that you’re keeping them as dry and comfortable as possible, especially if they’re clipped. Additionally, by using a waterproof exercise rug, you can ensure that the saddle also stays dry when you ride, which will minimize the damage to the leather. There are plenty of exercise rugs you can choose from, and the right rug for your horse will depend on how much coverage they need. If they have a full or hunter clip, an exercise sheet that covers both their hind and neck will be ideal. In contrast, partial clips like the chaser, Irish, or trace clip will be better off with exercise rugs that cover their hindquarters and the saddle, as this will ensure they don’t overheat during work.

Put On A Technical Coat To Keep Your Body And Legs Dry

There’s nothing worse than riding in the rain and being left with soaking-wet legs at the end of it. Instead of donning a coat that will only protect your body, consider investing in a technical coat, like the Equi Eco from Horseware Ireland, that is long enough to keep your legs dry as well as your body. This way, you can ride in comfort and focus more on your horse rather than how uncomfortable and cold you’re feeling. 

Protect Your Face With A Waterproof Snood

Keeping your face dry when riding in the rain is another essential tip for staying dry. A waterproof snood will help to protect your face from the elements and will allow you to focus on your ride, not your cold face. A snood is ideal for wearing under a riding hat as it sits around your neck and can be pulled up your face without impacting your vision when riding.

Be Seen On Hacks With Waterproof Hi-Vis Gear

When riding out on hacks in low light conditions, such as in the rain, you’ll need to make sure that you and your horse are visible to other road users. This can be achieved by wearing waterproof high-visibility clothing and equipping your horse with a high-visibility waterproof exercise rug. Hi-vis clothing is designed to stand out and make you more visible on the road, which means you can enjoy your hacks in comfort knowing you’re not only safe and visible but also dry if it rains while you’re out.

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