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His Fairy Prince, by J.S. Harker
Books EW Elaine White October 14, 2019 545
Nice Sequel
 POV: 3rd person, dual POV
 Themes: Holiday, Halloween, Contemporary, Magic, Fantasy: Fae 

 I liked this. I didn't love it as much as Book 1, but it was super cute and the second half was really strong. The best part of the book, honestly. The romance was sweet, adorable, and Greg was a gooey mess of insecurities and past hurt. The way Alaric could be teasing, strong and flirty was a great balance to Greg's indecisive nature.

 As with Book 1, there was low angst, not much conflict, and the bad guy – Ned – wasn't as bad as he could have been. Considering that was Greg's place in Book 1, I'm wondering whether this might be a way to set up for Book 3. A potential story between Cooper and Ned, maybe? It would be interest, since both were given the most page-time than any other character.

 While Book 1 showed up a Fae in the human world, Book 2 flipped that to show a human in the Fae world. It was so interesting to see the various characters and creatures involved in the Fae world, and how Greg dealt with it. I liked the connection with the Earth, the places they explored and how Greg used his D&D knowledge to navigate this foreign world.

 The Shattered Forest broke my heart!

 However, there were some flaws that meant I wavered between a 3-4 rating. But, because I liked it, and I'll read it again, I gave it a 4. For me, there were some issues. To start with, I was actually disappointed with the ending. It felt so abrupt, when there was so much left unanswered and unresolved. Then the Epilogue that fast-forwarded through time quite a bit more than I expected. I also felt like the story flagged somewhere in the middle. It was far stronger in the second half.

 Coming to this one straight off the back of Book 1, I was a little disappointed to find that it showed no connection to Book 1 whatsoever. Although we first met Gregory “Greg” in Book 1, there is NO mention of Flynn and Derek, or of there being a previous book. While it means this one can be read as a standalone, I do have to think the author missed a huge opportunity to use that previous book as a way to make Greg more accepting of the whole Fae thing. Especially since, in Book 1, he wasn't the geeky, dreamer that he was in this book. For me, the disparity between Gregory from Book 1 and Greg in Book 2 made them feel like two entirely different people.

 But, I did enjoy it. It came together as a whole story, a cohesive plot, with great characters who had great chemistry. There were some niggles, but I overall enjoyed it and will leave it.


 Favourite Quotes

 “Tied to a chair, stuck in a cabin with two fairies who wanted to eat him, and Greg was hoping Alaric wanted to spend more than a night with him. Yeah, abstinence hadn’t granted him any common sense.”

 “Alaric held out his hand to him. Afairy prince had come to rescue him from horrible death and now offered his hand like they were boyfriends. The whole everything of the situation threatened to sweep him under an overwhelming tide.”
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