Hip Hop Icon Khujo Goodie Releases Hard Hitting New Single “Boy Stop”

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Khujo Goodie has been part of the Atlanta Hip Hop scene since day one. He cut his teeth with the legendary Goodie Mob, continued to collaborate with T-Mo in their group, The Lumberjacks, and mixed things up with OutKast in Dungeon Family.

Now back with another solo joint, “Boy Stop”, Khujo showcases his free-flowing rhymes and unmistakable voice.

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Born and raised in Atlanta, Khujo knew early on that Hip Hop was his calling. Forming Goodie Mob with Big Gipp, CeeLo Green, and T-Mo in 1991, the group was determined to make their voices heard. Dealing with real issues that they saw happening around them, like racism, discrimination, geopolitics, and gentrification, they put pen to paper and added their signature to Hip Hop’s legacy.

After critical acclaim, a gold record and chart topping singles, Goodie Mob parted ways in 2004. A few years prior, Khujo was involved in a near fatal car accident, which knocked him down, but not out. That same year, he released his first solo album, The Man Not The Dog, which cracked the Billboard Top 100 charts. Goodie Mob reunited for another studio album, Age Against The Machine, in 2012 and then Survival Kit in 2020 for their 25th Anniversary of Soul Food.

The new song is the first of a series of new singles Khujo plans to release over the next year, and follows his latest album releases, Echoes of a Legend and Feed the Lions. Stay tuned for a video for “Boy Stop” and much more from Khujo in 2022 and beyond.

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