Hip-Hop Artist Koolie Releases His New Single “Racks in Line”

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Hip Hop artist Koolie releases his brand new single titled, “Racks in Line”. Bold, lyric provoking and catchy beats are the backgrounds of this new single. “Racks in Line” is a brilliant amalgamation of his wide-ranging influences. Fans will enjoy this hot, new single as it blends hip hop, reggae, and rap. It is a must-have for your playlist.

The new single “Racks in Line” by Koolie is impressive. Definitely download it.

The new single “Racks in Line” is available at digital retailers including Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/racks-in-line-single/1528913637?uo=4&app=itunes

Koolie is a talented hip hop artist and songwriter that creates bold, fresh, and relevant music that connects with people and stands out. He was born in New York and lived in Miami, the Caribbean and New York. His sound crosses genres and irresistibly blends hip hop, reggae and rap. Creating a distinct sound which is undeniably his own, he will be releasing a new album soon. He is featured in national media. Follow Koolie via Instagram: www.instagram.com/therealkoolie

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