Highway Women Release Highly Anticipated Single “Shake The Dust”

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Nashville, Tenn. (June 19th, 2020) – All frontwoman group The Highway Women have released their highly anticipated new single Shake The Dust now available everywhere.

Produced by Larry Beaird with Beaird Music Group Nashville and Heart Songs Records the song features musicians Grady Saxman (Drums), Eli Beaird (Bass), J.T. Corenflos (Electric Guitar), Mike Rojas (Piano), Scotty Sanders (Steel) and Larry Beaird (Acoustic).

Shake The Dust is a term that is mentioned many times in the Bible and the all-female group entourage drew that phrase for the inspiration behind their release. Amanda Pruitt who penned the song with Davis Corley noted the inspiration, “The inspiration for the song Shake The Dust is a phrase mentioned many times in the bible, speaking on leaving the negative behind and going on to something better. I want people to be inspired by the song and know that no matter what happens in life if you pick yourself up and carry on forward it will all be alright.

You can learn more about The Highway Women visiting their website www.highwaywomen.com and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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