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Books DA Debbie Attenborough December 05, 2017 412
Cute! Real cute.

Hayden meets Neal at a university fund raiser and the chemistry burns hot and bright. But then Neal turns up at the coffee shop that Hayden works at, and assumes Hayden is an owner of said coffee shop. Every time Hayden tries to tell Neal otherwise, something gets in the way. Then the coffee shop goes bust, and a vindictive woman threatens to tell Hayden's secrets. So Hayden runs. But Neal has other ideas!

I've read Ms Noble's Vampire Guard series, and loved those. So when asked to read this one, naturally, I said yes!

Its a great read, flows well, and while I saw that maybe Neal already knew that Hayden wasn't who he thought he was, it was kinda fun watching it all unravel.

Loved that Neal, while extremely wealthy, was too obnoxious with it. All too often these billionaire characters are not nice people! But I loved Neal, his family though? Not so much. Hayden's family?? Loved them!

Not overly explicit, but the heat level does creep up as the relationship between Neal and Hayden moves along. Nicely written.


Only Hayden has a say. (and that's all I am gonna say about that! )

And there is a particular phase that pops up more than a few times, and that kind of began to grate on me. Sorry!

I read this is the bathtub, in one sitting, and was just the book I needed after a really hard read. Hence the hangover cure tag.

4 solid, cute stars

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