High Street Releases Swallow Your Pride

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An Upbeat Hard Rock Anthem About Letting Go of Your Ego 

Everyone encounters trauma in their lives; what matters most is how they can utilize that experience to generate strength. High Street targets their musical passion to create beauty out of hardship on their track “Swallow Your Pride,” and fans are inspired to do the same. With a pulsing percussive part and an electric guitar lead, the instrumental invigorates the listener while the pensive lyrics allow the listener to process life events. The lead tenor vocal peaks over the instrumental, and the song incorporates other unique sounds such as a siren and a slower, more acoustic section to add texture and layers to the piece. 

This inspiring track is a must add to your playlist. 

Lead guitarist and songwriter Erik channels his experiences to create this irresistible record. “The song is about a person going through a traumatic episode. It’s about fighting with inner anxiety and fear till the point of realization that the only way to heal is letting go of their ego and pride and see the tough period through.” With assertive instrumentals and meaningful lyrics, the track has everything a listener could ask for. 

As the song suggests, sometimes we need to stop using our time “to wallow” and instead “swallow our pride” in order to progress. This galvanizing rock record takes an optimistic approach and acknowledges “tomorrow is a better day.”

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