High Street Deliver Another Adrenaline-Fueled Single, “Bad Blood”

Written by Divine Magazine

In the midst of their West Coast Revival tour, the hard rockers continue to release gripping tracks that further establish them as a tour-de-force in the genre. “Bad Blood,” is a shining example of how the band manages to bottle lightning. Written about the toxicity that can emerge in a relationship and how the break from that isn’t as clean as we want it to be, this latest single is another potent hit. 

The band describes the single as “another parting of ways song, although a bit more complex.” Those complexities are aptly conveyed in the song with each layer of the guitar (Findling) drums (Nikales) and bass (Metaxas), all driven by Noxigen’s exhilarating vocals.  “Disappointment, acceptance, understanding, and resolution with the situation reflected in the lyrics,” High Street explains.

Bred in Chicago and currently calling Los Angeles home, High Street is a band that reminds us that hard rock is alive and well.

Be sure to catch them live as they make their way around the West Coast in support of their upcoming album, Revival, and download or stream “Bad Blood,” on digital music platforms worldwide.




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