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Hide Away by Taylor Jahn

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Singer Songwriter, Taylor Jahn, presents an emotionally charged promise of unconditional love on his debut single, “Hide Away.”

The Oregon native comes at music with a fresh perspective and influences that span everyone from Sam Smith to Sara Bareilles to Jon McLaughlin — taking bits and pieces of the soundscapes he listens to and crafting a truly dynamic sound. As a vocalist, he breathes emotion effortlessly throughout each track, perfecting the art of heartfelt performances that perfectly encapsulates his lyrical stories. It’s music that feeds the soul in all the right ways  and “Hide Away” is just the beginning.

An impassioned piano ballad, “Hide Away” begins as a whisper and blossoms into a resounding, lush sound. You can sense the impact of Jahn’s promises, feeling the warmth of protective arms, as he paints the picture of unconditional love every one of us is familiar with. Layers of vocals cascade in perfect harmony over the powerhouse chorus with a haunting effect and charged emotion. It’s the kind of ballad that pulls at your heartstrings, leaving traces of its positive message behind even after it ends.  Taylor Jahn is a passionate songwriter that imparts bits of his soul into every musical work, and nowhere is that more obvious than on his debut single, “Hide Away.”


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