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Hearts in Ireland by J. C. Long

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Hearts in Ireland by J. C. Long

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World of Love
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J. C. Long is an American expat living in Japan, though he’s also lived stints in Seoul, South Korea—no, he’s not an Army brat; he’s an English teacher. He is also quite passionate about Welsh corgis and is convinced that anyone who does not like them is evil incarnate. His dramatic streak comes from his lifelong involvement in theater. After living in several countries aside from the United States, J. C. is convinced that love is love, no matter where you are, and is determined to write stories that demonstrate exactly that.

His favorite things in the world are pictures of corgis, writing, and Korean food (not in that order… okay, in that order). J. C. spends his time not writing thinking about writing, coming up with new characters, attending Big Bang concerts, and wishing he were writing. The best way to get him to write faster is to motivate him with corgi pictures. Yes, that is a veiled hint.

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May 10, 2017
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epub, mobi, pdf
When the future is shrouded and it’s hard to find direction, maybe it’s time to let the heart lead the way….

Ronan Walker stands at a crossroads, unsure how to pursue his education… unsure if he even wants to. Now that his mother is gone, all he has left are the wonderful stories of her youth in Ireland, and he’s drawn to the land of his ancestors. There, he seeks out his mother’s family and meets Fergal Walsh, who works at Ronan’s aunt’s bookstore. A love of literature facilitates a fast friendship between the two men, and even though Ronan cannot deny the potential—and his desire—for more, he cannot see a future for the two of them when he leaves Ireland. Fergal must persuade Ronan to give school in Dublin a chance—and convince Ronan that his heart has already found its home.

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Emotional and sweet realistic
Ronan and Fergal
It's started kind of emotional....for me very emotional......that was one sweet, realistic and respectful rendering of the last day's of Ronan's mom....and the grief after she died.
Despite it was sad because of her death you could feel so much love...

After Ronan travels to his mom's birthplace, like she ask him to, and he sets a foot on Ireland ground he knows what his mom meant. Ronan feels the warmth of all his family members. It felt like a warm late summer breeze. All the story's of his mom....

His aunt has a bookstore and there is where Ronan meets Fergal....

Fergal easygoing Fergal working at the bookstore, with his thick Irish accent....loves Ronan's company....and Ronan likewise. Their friendship is growing deeper. Only Ronan has a lot on his mind....

After a sweet camping night surrounded by the beautiful Irish landscape Ronan withdraws, he can't go further he has to go home.....and Fergal is disappointed by Ronan and takes some time off.

But Ireland is calling him and he can't leave this beautiful landscape, the roots or the man he loves. Because home is.....

I experienced this as a deeply emotional read, maybe because I lost my mom myself, but also because it was written close to the heart, very recognizable. I wasn't heavy or stodgy it was more light and considered, and always palpable were the emotions and the lost of his mother and the beauty of Ireland.
It's about birthplaces, family, home, grief, choices, perspective, love and last but not least following your heart.

Always had an idea to go to Ireland sometime and...now....after feeling this......I'm really gonna do....!
I also want to say this was a totally different story/style than the other books I read from this author.
Hooray to alternation !!

Kindly received an ARC from Dreamspinner Press for a honest review
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