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Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology Volume 2

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 by Lucy Lennox (Author), R.G. Alexander (Author), May Archer (Author), Macy Blake (Author), Charlie Cochet (Author), E. Davies (Author), Eden Finley (Author), Alison Hendricks (Author), Sloane Kennedy (Author), Alexa Land (Author), Ruthie Luhnow (Author), Annabella Michaels (Author), KM Neuhold (Author), Hailey Turner (Author), Aimee Nicole Walker (Author), Max Walker (Author), A.E. Wasp (Author), Leslie Copeland (Editor)
Publication Date
November 13, 2018
Kindle Edition, 720 pages
Once upon a time, a bunch of M/M authors wondered… What if the Heart2Heart dating app put on a charity raffle in cities around the globe, and random guys in each location were paired up for an adventure? The dates could go terribly wrong…or spectacularly right.
 Seventeen of your favorite gay romance authors have joined forces once again, bringing you back to the Heart2Heart world for more love and laughter just in time for the holidays. This collection of fun, sexy, and hot short stories features all-new characters once again chosen from your reader suggestions! From Boston to Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia and cities in between, these lucky raffle winners will learn love has a way of appearing when you least expect it.
 Once again, all proceeds from this collection will go to the authors’ favorite LGBTQ charities, to ensure that love in all its incarnations will be celebrated and protected every single day of the year!

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A wonderfully engaging anthology written by some of my favourite mm authors.
The second anthology in the Heart2Heart Charity Series continues the theme of couples meeting through the LBGTQ dating app Heart2Heart. In this anthology the company organises Charity Raffles on the first anniversary of its launch. With a nod to the random matches the previous year, the winners will be drawn using raffle tickets placed in boxes delegating a variety of first date activities. Each pair of winners meets for the first time as they claim their prize dates. 

It would be impossible to outline every story written for this anthology as my review would be unmanageably long. Instead I’ll give a general sense of the themes and MC’s  the authors created to tell their individual stories. 
There is really something for almost everyone in this wonderfully engaging anthology. The MC’s are mostly at an age where they’re looking to settle down with that one special person, so the age range is largely between late twenties and mid thirties, as you would probably expect. The backgrounds are extremely varied, however, from billionaires to those struggling to find and/or establish a career path; from blue collar, to white collar to captains of industry. The variety of characters ranges from nerds and geeks to elegant and debonair, from perfect physical specimens to average Joes, from short, thin and rangy to tall and well built, to a bear. The random way these men are matched makes for some fascinating pairings and riveting reads as we watch the chemistry take hold. And take hold it does! This is a romance anthology after all. 
The prizes for each couple’s date are also extraordinarily varied. There are overseas trips and simple dinners for two, a trip to an exotic animal sanctuary and two to aquariums, though different ones in different cities with very different experiences. There’s a music festival, Disney World, an Escape House and more. The dates themselves are the focus with the locations  providing some very interesting settings that in varying ways assist in the couple’s bonding. 
This  Heart2Heart Anthology includes culturally diverse characters as well as men who are gay, bi and trans. There are many different tropes represented here including enemies to lovers, love at first sight, friends to lovers, opposites attract and meddling friends and family. There are men who’ve had a relatively easy time of coming out and those who’ve been to hell and back just to survive. There are also some great humorous reads and some incredibly sweet stories that really touched my heart. I also adore stories involving children and was thrilled to find one in this collection. Reading this anthology is like getting a crash course in mm sub genres, leaving the reader wanting more from these wonderful authors and the tropes they explore. There are no taboo, paranormal, BDSM or stories with extreme violence or abuse, however. 
I found this anthology to be a very captivating read. Almost all of the stories were solid 5 star reads with only one or two that didn’t quite reach that mark for me. There were none, however, that didn’t hold my interest throughout. Heart2Heart is a highly satisfyingly read that will provide you with several days of entertainment and escape. 

I highly recommend this anthology as a fabulous read with the bonus that proceeds of its sale go to LGBT+ charities of the authors choice. 
Top 10 Reviewer 85 reviews
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