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How EMS-Enhanced Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Strength Training Goals

In order to see any fitness results that come from exercise, you need to hit

By Mike Johnston 6 Min Read

This Online Running App is Built for Millennials

Have you checked out Vingo yet? It is the latest sensational online

By Divine Magazine 4 Min Read

The Importance of Diet While Taking SARMs

SARMs have gained popularity as an alternative to steroids and growth hormones.

By Divine Magazine 7 Min Read

How to Use A Grip Strengthener For Max Results?

While we do core strengthening exercises, we often overlook our forearm muscles.

By I am a Guest Author 6 Min Read

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How to Create the Best Fitness Program for Your Needs

Best ways to create best fitness program for you - engaging in activities you enjoy, consulting a doctor before starting

By Diana Smith 6 Min Read

Love Home Workouts? Here Are 5 Helpful Tips And Tricks

After months of gym closures and restrictions around the country, chances are you're already acclimated to working out at home or

By Divine Magazine 9 Min Read

How to Stay Highly Motivated with Your Home Workouts

Easy tips on how to stay highly motivated with home workouts - how to designate a workout space, set up

By Diana Smith 6 Min Read

How To Give Your Body Extra Muscle Definition

Going to the gym can be great for the mind and body. In addition to improving your health, it can

By Divine Magazine 8 Min Read

How to Relax Your Muscles After a Workout

Muscles suffer a terrible strain during a workout, which is essentially the basis to make them stronger. However, even though

By Peter Minkoff 5 Min Read

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