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Happy Belated Halloween from Colin & Arnaud!

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I must start with an apology for the delay in getting this scene done. While I started the scene early in October, it just wasn’t coming together and I finally had to admit that it wouldn’t be done before my cruise.

The plan was to finish it while I was away, then send it off as soon as we got home. We all know how that turned out!

Colin & Arnaud’s story, His Premier, released on September 20th and is one of my favorite tropes—second chance romance. These two had a lot to overcome and before I reached the end, I knew I would be writing a sequel. One thing I heard from several readers was that while I suggested there was a big family dinner, I didn’t write one. I thought what led up to it was more important, but fans of the series wanted to see all the guys together.

What better way to do that than with a party? Just remember, when you’re reeling over the number of people I got into this scene, it wasn’t my idea!

Enjoy – Jessie G

“How is possible that there are still people I don’t know?” Arnaud whispered in a combination of shock and not so little fright. “Who’re Cleopatra and Mark Antony?”

Following the direction of Arnaud’s gaze, Colin smiled at the sight of Claire and Dante Bennett mingling in full costume. Last year’s Halloween party was such a big hit that it quickly became a tradition and even though schedules forced them to have it a little late, everyone had outdone themselves dressing up.

“Those are Ric’s parents and the Harlequin with them is his sister Beth.”

Arnaud relaxed a little and pointed to another couple. “Shrek and Fiona?”

“Kyle’s parents.” Colin looked around until he spotted Chase with the twins and gestured to them. “You know Kyle and Chase are cousins, right? Well, Chase’s parents are gone, so Barbara and Luke have happily stepped in as honorary grandparents. Are you sure you haven’t met them? They visit every few months from Georgia.”

“Pretty sure,” Arnaud said with uncertainty. “There’s like a hundred people here, Col, how am I supposed to keep them all straight?”

“Hardly a hundred, Twinkle Toes.” The teasing voice had Arnaud flipping around in surprise. “Like forty, tops.”

Colin tilted his head and looked Ty over thoughtfully. “Robin Hood?”

“Got it in one.” Ty smirked and adjusted his quiver. “The often-misunderstood hero of the story.”

“You’re my hero, no misunderstanding about it,” Chase teased, sidling up close to his Master with a beaming smile.

Dressed in similar fashion, Chase looked quite handsome in his tunic and leggings. “Little John?”

“I’m not exactly the Maid Marian type.” Chase gave Ty a heated looked before amending, “And who’s to say those two weren’t keeping each other warm in the Sherwood Forest?”

Colin looked at Arnaud who was dressed as Hephaiston, Alexander’s second in command, and grinned. “Well, we’re pretty sure we were getting it on back in ancient Greece. Right, Baby?

With a dramatic bat of his eye lashes, Arnaud practically swooned as he said, “Who do you think tacked on ‘the Great’ after your name, huh, love?”

“Like Colin’s ego needed to get any bigger.” Bull joined them, dressed in a three piece suit with a fedora perched on his bald head and holding Rory secure in his big arms.

“Okay, I know I saw Red earlier dressed as DaVinci, but I have no clue who you’re supposed to be,” Arnaud said as they looked at the pair.

“He’s my Godfather, silly.” Rory, dressed as The Little Mermaid, rolled her signature Connor eyes at the four of them and kissed Bull loudly on the cheek. At two, she was proving to be quite expressive.

“Rory!” Ava and Luc came barreling through the crowd, Barbara in tow. “Can she play with us? Huh, Uncle Bull, can she?”

“That’s up to her. What say you, little princess?” Rory leaned over and lifted the Fiona mask until she could see Barbara’s jovial smile. With a finger on her lips as if to say it was a big secret, Barbara held out her arms and Rory happily went along.

Colin watched them go and still marveled that he’d been there the day she was born. He couldn’t have loved her more if she was his own niece. “I can’t believe she’s already two. Did I hear Maddie say they’re looking at nursery schools for September?”

“Don’t get me started. She’s too young.” Bull growled low and glared across the room at his sister. As if sensing his scrutiny and the reason for it, Maddie turned with an impressive glare of her own. Colin knew those Irish tempers ran hot and with Maddie being four months into her second pregnancy, he wouldn’t want to get into a confrontation with her.

“You know she’s really not,” Chase offered softly. “She’s so smart and curious, Bull. She soaks up everything she sees and hears, and…”

Bull wasn’t buying it. “She’ll just barely be three!”

“You didn’t have a problem with her coming to my Tiny Dancers class,” Arnaud pointed out.

“That’s because we trust you.” Bull answered as if it were obvious and Colin found himself preening even as Arnaud looked surprised. His family had more than accepted his lover and while Arnaud might still find himself shocked by their eager welcome, he was so proud.

“Don’t tell me you’re talking about Rory going to school again.” Red came to stand in front of his clearly agitated husband and put a comforting hand on his cheek.

“Colin started it,” Bull grumbled and gathered Red up close.

“Uh huh.” Red nuzzled against him for a long moment before turning and gracing them with a soft smile. “You know they say that Alexander was so distraught over Haphaiston’s death, that he died of a broken heart?”

“Naw, Red, he died of some ancient STD.” Jacky bumped up against him and draped an arm over Arnaud’s shoulders. As predicated, they had bonded easily and Arnaud never once shied away from the affection Jacky so desperately needed. “Chlamydia or dandruff, or something.”

Colin hip-checked him back. “Is that why you’re dressed as a doctor? Are you here to cure me of my dandruff?”

“Please.” Jacky flipped up the collar of his signature red cloak and looked at them all in disdain. “I’m much too brilliant for your pissant problems.”

“Not quite the adjective I would’ve used.”

Jacky gave him a withering stare and leaned in close to Arnaud’s ear, his stage whisper loud enough for the all to hear. “When you get tired of Zoolander here, you know where my bed is.”

With a last haughty flick of his cloak, Jacky disappeared back the way he came. As they watched him go, Colin noticed Bella and Craig whispering to each other furiously in the corner, and found himself glancing at Bull in concern. “So, uh, your siblings seem to be…”

“Stop,” Red cut him off before Bull could. “We are not interfering.”

“I’m just cur…”

“Nope, we’re not talking about this.” Red assured them in no uncertain terms. “Whatever happened or happens, they’re adults and need to work it out on their own. In fact, we’re walking away now before this escalates.”

“But…” When Ty butted in, no doubt just for the sake of stirring the pot, Red leveled him with a rare heated glared that had him throwing his hands up in surrender. Bull tugged him away before anything else could be said, leaving them all looking at the couple in question.

“You don’t think there’s actually something’s going on with Craig and Bella?” Arnaud asked into the awkward silence.

Ty was quick to scoff. “I think they’re swinging off the damn chandeliers every time they’re alone.”

“But…” Again Arnaud looked toward Craig and Bella, his frown darkening as he thought it over. “What would be wrong with that?”

“Nothing if they don’t hurt one another.” Colin knew that was the concern. No one would begrudge them their happiness, but if one or both of them got hurt, the ramifications wouldn’t just affect the two of them.

“What’d you say to piss off Red?” Billy asked as he joined them with Liam in tow.

Colin looked beyond the couple and saw their shadows only a few feet behind, and knew when to give up. “Just talking about Rory going to school.”

“Shh,” Liam hissed, glancing back at Owen. “You don’t want to bring that up right now.”

Chase looked at Ty and shook his head. “I’m going to go see what the kids are up to before I get branded a troublemaker like these two. Do you want anything from the buffet?”

“Us?” Colin called, but Chase was already walking away. He looked to Ty for support, but those dark eyes were following Chase’s departure—or, more precisely, Chase’s ass in his tight leggings—and couldn’t even pretend to be surprised when Ty just walked away.

“Do you think they’re gonna get it on in the bathroom?” Arnaud grinned up at him since they already knew the answer.

“Or Saul’s office, if our favorite trio isn’t already hiding out in there.” That had them both looking around the room and finding no sign of Saul or his boys. Just the idea of who might be sneaking off to a quiet corner had him looking back at Arnaud with a leer. After all, he did have a perfectly good bed right upstairs. “Maybe they have the right idea?”

That got him a seriously dirty once over that he felt all along the length of his dick. “Why, Colin Sinclair, are you propositioning me?”

“Is it working?”

Arnaud didn’t answer with words. Instead, he grabbed Colin’s hand and made a beeline for the staircase. The last thing he heard was Owen saying, “Jesus, not them too!”

Any response he might have made was lost when Arnaud glanced at him happily. That look just melted him every fucking time. With a quick tug, he pulled Arnaud back and right into his arms. “I love you.”

With a knowing smile, Arnaud leaned in for a quick and whispered, “Take me upstairs and show me.”

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Author’s Note
I hope you enjoyed the 11th installment of my #13months13scenes tour. The guys from Sizzling Miami, Devils Pride MC, and The Forgotten Soldier series will be appearing on different blogs throughout 2016 with little slice of life moments like this.


Finally, starting in January, I’ll be posting scenes based on reader prompts. So if there’s something you’ve been wanting to know about my characters or see them do, email your prompt (with picture inspiration) to with the subject “Reader Prompt.”

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