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Hamid J’s Debut Album Cycle of a Relationship Creates Drama On The Dancefloor

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Indie electro-pop artist Hamid J’s debut album, cycle of a relationship, combines vivid imagery, dynamic synth-pop and 80s-esque sound with introspective storytelling in a deeply sensorial and transformative journey. The emerging artist recounts himself and his experiences, accompanying listeners through the beginning, unfolding, and crumbling of a relationship in what emerges as a powerful journey of self-discovery. 

This album evolves in three acts; with each, Hamid J masters the catchiness of sound and the ability to mature and evolve in a body of work. A natural-born storyteller and creative, each song is meant to be embodied, performed, danced to. A sensual and euphoric feeling emerges from dreamy electro-pop and 80s synth-style rhythms of songs in the first section, which features the lead single “do you get this feeling?” – a build-up of love at first sight, where playfulness leaves space to the awareness that this chemistry is unprecedented.

As the record progresses, uncertainty rises from the cracks as Hamid J questions the nature of his relationship, and a sense of stagnancy settles in “sad stuck.” There is a relatable quality to the honesty through which he chronicles all stages of a breakup: regret, vengeance, anger, and eventual hollowness. The switch is flipped in “lose-lose,” where we are confronted with deeper-rooted wounds of toxicity, disappointment, loneliness that ultimately signal the journey of self-awareness that a breakup can trigger. 

The final act of the album teases closure and catharsis, culminating in the glittering single “ain’t thinkin bout you,” an upbeat post-breakup glow anthem, a true ‘feeling myself’ song. The record wraps up with a sense of self-love, whose sensual, troubled and vigorous energy leaves room for complexity and take-backs.
The shimmering, bold and energetic sounds and lyrics are bound to get crowds moving and keep them gripped by Hamid J’s poignant storytelling. Like a perfect drama series unfolding on the dancefloor, it is equal parts relatable and eccentric, making it impossible for anyone to look away. A dazzling 360-degree electronic performance of passion and vulnerability, cycle of a relationship is an intoxicating and euphoric odyssey through the self-discovery that happens in a relationship.

Buy here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/never-felt/1639833182?i=1639833183&uo=4&app=itunes


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