Hair Care Tips for an Active Lifestyle

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The benefits of vigorous exercise are almost too numerous to name. But staying active, whether indoors, outdoors, on land, or in the swimming pool, means putting a little more work into keeping our hair looking its best—and maintaining beautiful hair can already feel like a full-time job itself. By heeding a few hair care tips for an active lifestyle, the full-time job of caring for your hair can take an extended lunch hour and allow you to relax a bit.

Tie Back With Care

Keeping your hair under control is necessary for workouts and hikes, but don’t go overboard in securing it. Too many twists for too long a time can put incredible strain on your hair, eventually leading to breakage or hair loss. Remove your hair tie with care to avoid the collateral damage of pulling out trapped hairs.

I-Tip Extensions

If you’re seeking hair extensions to dramatically change your style before you have time to grow your hair out, you have a number of options available. For extensions that will let you hit the gym, the barre, and the trails without worry, copper-beaded I-tip extensions are the way to go. I-tip extensions use natural hair with properly aligned cuticles to ensure ideal smoothness. I-tip extensions are resilient, versatile, and, most of all, look great.

Don’t Hit the Hot Showers

A hot shower after a long workout seems like the perfect postscript to the day’s proceedings. Unfortunately, little indulgences like these never come free, and in the case of a steamy shower, you pay the price by drying out your hair—especially if you also use a shampoo that strips away your hair’s natural oils. You can allow yourself a little warmth and may consider adding a little jolt of cold water at the end of your shower to seal your hair’s cuticles but to take the best care of your hair after your workouts, resist the urge to turn the knob too far left.

Utilize Dry Shampoo

Staying active means working a little harder to keep your hair clean, but relying on sodium-lauryl-sulfate-laden drugstore shampoos will do damage in the long run. The last of our hair care tips for an active lifestyle is to keep some dry shampoo on hand. Dry shampoos provide an alternative that requires no lathering and utilizes fewer harmful chemicals. Blow-drying with dry shampoo will absorb excess oils, volumize your hair, and leave a nice fragrance behind, too.

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