Gwyn Love x La+ch Debut Epic Single “get over u”

Written by Aiden Faire

Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, Gwyn Love (they/them) knew they were destined for something bigger. Now, as the first-ever American artist signed to Vancouver-based 604 Records — they’re ready to take on the world together with the multi-platinum producer and composer, La+ch (best known for the certified 4x platinum hit “2 Heads” with Coleman Hell). 

The lyrically heavy dance-pop song, “get over u,” captures the sadness of a breakup and what is portrayed on the outside to other people. It’s the feeling of wanting to stay home and be sad, but also wanting to go out to numb the sadness for a bit although you will still feel it. 

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By Aiden Faire Music Reviewer
I fell in love with music when I first picked up a guitar at age 8. When I played, my friends and family would smile and spill with joy over the music I played, even though it was never Grammy quality. While my music career never made it past high school, my love for music never waivered. I loved the feeling of bringing a smile to someone's face through music and wanted to keep that passion going. So, I took it upon myself to continue to support and promote artists by writing about their music. This way, I can support my personal passion for music and bring entertain and joy to others through music.  Outside my love for music, I do enjoy a good hike and being in the outdoors. My favorite place that I've hiked is in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. I love to travel too. I've been to Costa Rica, Vancouver, BC, and England, but the best place by far is Germany on Oktoberfest. I liken that experience to being in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. I like a good book now and then, but I'm more of a streaming fiend. I live for crime docuseries on Netflix, veterinary shows on National Geographic, and re-watching Scrubs on Hulu.
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