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Growing Up by Tricia Sol

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Growing Up by Tricia Sol

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Stuck with siblings that watched too much TV and read too many books, Tricia caught the author bug by proxy. A closet couch potato herself, Tricia takes up writing in her spare time, in between school, friends and watching whatever new series and movies catch her fancy. She loves to create her own fantasy world with her as the main character, even when she’s a man and fairly new in the m/m scene. If anyone asks, though, she started writing for the bragging rights against her sister.

Publication Date
May 12, 2016
Content Warning
Explicit sexual content
Growing up wasn't really something twenty one year old Kelly Alston thought about much. Being adult and independent was never his dream. With the pressures of coming out to his conservative parents and a mean ex, he'd rather not grow up at all. 

He hadn't factored in his sexy, former Physics teacher from high school, though; a man who'd starred in his dreams all throughout high school and years after he left his hometown for college. Now that Kelly is back home, suddenly being an adult looks like it might just have some perks.

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Could have been so much better
This book started out with real promise. Kellan/Kelly is a 21 year old college student, who heads home for a parental visit. Kelly is deeply in the closet, so to muster up the courage to go home he stops at a local eatery for a beer. When his old high school physics teacher approaches him, Kelly is a little tongue tied. He has a crush on Mr. Bastion/Lucas, along with most of the other student body and even some of the staff members, as well. They sit down and have dinner together. I dig in because as I said, the book shows real promise. Unfortunately the execution failed to deliver. I won't give too much away, so I'll just say, first, I didn't care for the author's writing style. Don't tell me what's happening. Let it play out on the page so I can see it for myself.

Put quite frankly the book needed more. More on page scenes, more passion, more connection, but the biggest thing it needed was more character development. I walked away feeling like I didn't know either Kelly or Lucas. They sat down and got to know one another, but with no real dialogue on the page, "I" didn't get to know them.

Told completely from Kelly's POV, we spend most of our time in Kelly's head. That's a confusing place to be. His thoughts were all over the place and sort of rambly at times and things didn't always make sense or follow any kind of a timeline.

Kelly's family is a huge part of who he is and why he hides, yet we never see them either. This wasn't a completely horrible book. As I said it had promise and potential, it just needed to be fleshed out, more on page scenes and character development.

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