Going hiking for the first time? Here is a list of essential stuff to take with.

Going hiking for the first time? Here is a list of essential stuff to take with.
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Are you pulling your bags to the last one and half an hour before you leave for the airport in a hurry to start packing your suitcase? Unfortunately, you will have to get rid of this habit if you are going camping in a tent. It doesn’t matter if it will be a difficult multi-day hike, or you will reach a given point in your car and will be alone with the wildlife just for a couple of days – you will have to approach the collection with all seriousness.

You will need to start by making a list of things for a hike with a tent.

What should you consider?

Do not hurry to sit down immediately for the collection of things for the hike. There are moments that are obvious to experienced travelers but are completely unknown to beginners.

First, remember that the whole load in the literal sense of the word will fall on your shoulders. Take exactly as much as you really need. Even if you get to your destination by car, a kilometer through rough terrain with an unbearable burden will seem endless. What can we say about a multi-day hike?

In addition, you should take into account the season, the length of the hike, the complexity of the route – the relief and climate, the composition of the group – the number of children, physically weak tourists, the presence of experienced leaders.

Gather your things in the hike, focusing on all these factors. Now let’s move on to the list.

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List of stuff to take with


Tent. Obviously? Believe me, when you fully pack your backpacks, and then remember what your hike can’t take place without, it will not be funny. So it’s better to really start the list with the tent.

Sleeping bag. It will help to keep warm in the cold time, will smooth out the unevenness of the surface and will serve as a great blanket.

Tourist mat. You realize that sleeping on bare ground – and the thin bottom of the tent does not count – is a very bad idea. First of all, the tourist “foam” will protect you from cold – with it travelers can sleep in tents even on snow. Secondly, it will make your sleep comfortable, not allowing your body to feel every uneven millimeter of earth. Thirdly, on the mat, you will be able to rest outside the tent, but it is better to take camping chairs in addition. Especially if you plan to fish.

First aid kit. In no case, you should ignore this point. No one will be able to help you in an emergency trip, so it is worth having all the basic necessities. These are bandages and patches, antipyretic, painkillers and disinfectants, rubber tourniquet, activated charcoal in case of poisoning, anti-allergy drugs.

Documents and money. Anything can happen. You do not need to take a large amount of money, but you must have some cash and an identification card with you.

A watch. Of course, you do not observe happy hours, but you cannot do without them in a hike. There is no need to hope for smartphones.

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Clothing and shoes

Comfortable shoes. Choose shoes depending on the type of hike. If there are going to be long transitions, then stop the choice of comfortable sneakers, and if you plan to relax in a hot place near the sand and water, consider an option with tightly sitting on his feet sandals instead of slaps.

Clothing and lingerie. Here at your discretion, but take only the necessary minimum.

Warm things. Focus on the weather conditions. For example, even the hottest summer days can be replaced by cold nights, which will be difficult to survive without warm clothes.


Knife. You will need it not only for cooking but also in everyday life.

Cookware. Bowl, spoon, cup – a minimum set for one. Instead of a flat plate, it is better to take one deep bowl. In addition, you will need a frying pan and two bowls (one for cooking and one for tea).

Flashlight. Without it, camping, it is impossible to do without. It is desirable that each member of the group had its own headlamp.

Matches. Lighters, of course, are convenient, but matches are still more reliable. Just be sure to pack them in a waterproof bag.

Glasses. Sunglasses will be useful both by the sea and high in the mountains.

Means of hygiene. Take insect repellent and sunglasses. Do not forget the soap, brush and toothpaste.

Rope. You may need it in a variety of situations – dry laundry, make a shelter, collect water from a hard-to-reach source, and so on.

Going hiking for the first time? Here is a list of essential stuff to take with.

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