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Go Your Own Way by Zane Riley

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Will Osborne couldn’t wait to put the roller coaster ride of his public education behind him.

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A great debut
My experience of really good Young Adult M/M Romances is limited and to be honest I reached a point during Go Your Own Way at which I thought I could easily put my kindle down and forget about Will and Lennox's story. Yet the thing is that this book is a grower and at 'The End' I had tears in my eyes and deeply loved these two young men.
Lennox is a complex character; left in a motel room by his grandfather with a small allowance, a trunk full of belongings and his ankle monitor. Lennox has an abrasive, vulgar and tough exterior and Zane Riley does not make it easy for us to like him. However, over the course of the novel and through his relationship with Will, we realise that in fact Lennox is loyal, warm, funny and totally deserving of love.
In contrast, Will's life seems realtively simple. At school he is open with his sexuality, he lives with his dad and step-mom and has a small circle of friends. Lennox enters like a whirlwind into Will's established existence, determined to take Will's virginity. Will has a sweet naivety and in part we are concerned about Lennox corrupting this, until we understand that being together is actually beneficial for them both.
Go Your Own Way isn't perfect and it doesn't have Hollywood-type main characters, but Zane Riley's novel does consider issues of homophobia and prejudice in an honest way. Lennox and Will are two characters who are worth getting to know and rememebering that this is a debut novel, I would recommend it to other readers.
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