Give Your Body A One Day Detox

Feeling run down, bloated or ill? A full body detox could be in order. This could help you to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on challenges and responsibilities. A detox doesn’t have to be a long process – in fact, it need only take a day. Whilst you can’t burn fat or undo stress lines in this period of time, you may be able to restore your energy levels and flush out most of the bad stuff. Here are just a few steps to help you undertake a one day detox.

Get your fix of vitamins

Vitamins will help to boost your immune system, aid digestion and rejuvenate your skin. Cut out unhealthy processed foods from your diet and up your amount of fruit and vegetables. You could even consider looking into vitamin therapy as a way of getting vitamins into your bloodstream fast. Your body will soon feel revitalized.

Drink herbal tea

Herbal teas are full of antioxidants that can also help to protect your cells against free radicals. They’re great for cleaning up your body and making you feel refreshed.  A few herbal teas that you could try include chamomile, peppermint, ginger or echinacea.

Consume lean proteins

Proteins are essential for helping to repair our bodies. Opt for lean proteins as found in chicken, fish, eggs and beans. These foods are low in unhealthy fats, so you won’t be piling extra dirty calories into your body.

Do some exercise

Exercise helps to get blood flowing around the body, making sure that fresh oxygen and nutrients reach all the organs. It can also help improve digestion. On top of this, exercise can help to relieve stress by pumping the body full of feelgood endorphins that help flush out stress-causing cortisol. There are lots of different ways to exercise – you could go for a leisurely run, go swimming or even try a HIIT workout at home.

Try some relaxation therapy

Towards the end of the day, try to get some relaxation therapy in. This will help to reduce stress and encourage sleep hormones. You could schedule a massage, or you could simply take a long hot bath. Meditating is also a great form of relaxation therapy that will help you to calm. Reading and listening to music are also great activities to help you relax.

Treat yourself to an early night

For your day of detoxing to be effective, you’ll want to get a good night’s sleep. Try to aim for eight hours of sleep so that you wake up the next day feeling well rested. Going to bed a little earlier than usual could help you to get in these hours. It could also allow you to wake up earlier the next day feeling refreshed – you’ll have a clear head, your body will feel rejuvenated and you’ll feel ready to take on the day.

Give Your Body A One Day Detox

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