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Ghosts by Jackie Keswick

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Ghosts by Jackie Keswick

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Book Series
The Power of Zero #2
About the Author
Jackie Keswick was born behind the Iron Curtain with itchy feet, a bent for rocks and a 
recurrent dream of stepping off a bus in the middle of nowhere to go 
home. She's worked in a hospital and as the only girl with 52 men on an 
oil rig, spent a winter in Moscow and a summer in Iceland and finally 
settled in the country of her dreams with her dream team: a husband, a 
cat, a tandem, a hammer and a laptop.
Jackie loves stories about unexpected reunions and second chances, and men who don't follow the 
rules when those rules are stupid. She has a thing for green eyes and 
tight cyclist's butts and is a great believer in making up soundtracks 
for everything, including her characters and the cat. 
And she still hasn't found the place where the bus stops
Publication Date
February 10, 2016
119 pages
Content Warning
Following on from Job Hunt, it deals with the aftermath of child abuse/prostitution
Filed on Personal Goodreads shelves: 2016 reads, 2016 Divine Magazine, darker/grittier, crime/thriller, military/police dudes, male/male, romance, short stories/100 pages/hour reads
Jack Horwood doesn’t do families. Or Christmas. From the time his mother
 sold him to her pimp to the moment he walked out on the man he loved, 
Christmas has always been about change and painful choices. This year 
seems no different. Helping Daniel and Nico recover from their 
imprisonment and hunting down those responsible puts Jack in a frame of 
mind he doesn’t want to inflict on anyone. Least of all Gareth and the 
tentative relationship they’ve started to rebuild. 

But Gareth, for whom Christmas is all about new beginnings, won’t 
let Jack take the easy way out. He makes him face his ghosts instead. 
Even when said ghosts invade their bedroom. 

When Daniel’s parents are found, Jack is determined to settle the 
matter without involving Daniel at all. But fate decrees otherwise, and 
it’s Gareth who helps him finally understand that the strongest bonds 
are those forged together. Once he gets that, Jack can step up and make a
 decision designed to lay his ghosts to rest—for good.

Editor reviews

1 reviews

Great followup
(Updated: April 27, 2016)
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

This is book two, and you really MUST read book one, Job Hunt before you read this one. And its more of a half than a full book, significantly shorter than books one and three.

Its a good follow up, with just enough of book one falling over into this one to keep you on your toes, with just enough Jack and Gareth, of Daniel and Nico, of everyone else too.

It's not as a painful a read/listen as book one, but the underlying reasons for Daniel and Nico are dealt with, with Jack and Gareth doing something rather amazing for the boys. With those boys 
showing Jack just how far they have come, in such a short space of time, and just what HE, Jack, can do, if he really really wants to put it all behind him. I've still filed it on my darker/grittier shelf, because 
Daniel, Nico and indeed Jack are all still suffering the after affects of what happened to them.

Not quite as good as book one, but that might be to do with the length, and the fact that I LISTENED to that one, but READ this one. but still...

4.5 stars

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Top 10 Reviewer 114 reviews
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