Getting The Work To Flow: Shortcuts All Employees Can Benefit From

If you want to learn the art of working smarter rather than working harder, you’ve got to remember that it all stems from your employees. Productivity isn’t just about telling them what to do and trying to motivate them to work faster; you’ve got to help your team by giving them the right tools. In any modern business, there can be simple shortcuts, not just that your employees can benefit from, but you can as well. Let’s give you some inspiration.


An absolute lifesaver! It’s amazing how much we can get done with regards to the right template. If you have an abundance of proposal templates in your arsenal, it makes the act of setting up that proposal quick and painless. When you have numerous tasks to complete, a template isn’t just something that you can follow with regards to documents, but it can be a way to provide structure to articles, blogs, bids, and so forth.

Voice Dictation Software

When it comes to blogs, promotional materials, and any long-form media, the volume alone can weigh us under. Voice dictation software is a fantastic tool, especially now. There was a time in the 90s, where voice dictation software was in its infancy. But now, picking the right software that recognizes an individual’s voice, but also learns the patterns in which they speak, can make short work of any article. When you think about typists and their WPM, you could potentially double or triple it with voice dictation software!


Automation has been around for a good while, but now we are using it as a fundamental component of keeping a business afloat. Automation can be done through CRM software, which helps to improve relationships between the company and the consumer, but also, it helps to make those annoying aspects of administration easier to glide through. Automation is a fantastic component, especially as businesses find themselves under pressure, and staff members need to take on more duties. Automation works wonders with regards to social media posts, and various marketing tools.

Focus Tools

We can give our workers computerized tools, but what may help them work better is a way to work smarter without them feeling distracted. When we work in an open-plan office, and we’re trying to get an assignment completed, we may find ourselves distracted or tired. But this is where focus tools may very well come in handy. There are so many different ones out there, from binaural beats to noise-blocking headphones, but you have to decide what tools your employees would benefit from so they can focus better. You may also want to consider tools like the Pomodoro Method. Something like this will work wonders when our employees have long days and tight deadlines. We have to remember that our employees are human beings. But this means that if we want our employees to benefit the business, we need to give them the right tools. It’s not always about software, but is about life skills as well. 


Getting The Work To Flow: Shortcuts All Employees Can Benefit From

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