Getting Started in Digital Marketing – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

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The digital marketing industry has been growing exponentially in the last few years, with the entire business sphere relying entirely or partially on technology for growth and development. Considering the rapid advancements in technology, experts predict that the coming years will see the emergence of new disciplines. If you’ve been thinking of building a career in this arena, now is the perfect time.

Why Choose Digital Marketing

Since we live in a digital world, companies allocate a significant portion of their marketing budgets to online advertising and building a web presence. The shift from conventional marketing to digital strategies has resulted in a rising demand for skilled professionals who can assist. Technology has expanded markets, and companies now target customers from global locations. The objective here is to reach a wider audience, scale business operations to maximize sales, and generate revenue using an array of online marketing approaches. That’s where digital marketers come in.

Of course, the potential to earn attractive salaries is yet another reason to foray into this career option. Statistics indicate that the average base salary in this business is $60,380 in 2021, with the earnings going higher for professionals with more advanced skills.

You Can Build a Career from Any Location

Possibly the most exciting thing about digital marketing is that you can start a career remotely, even as a side gig, while you work a full-time job. As you gain experience on the job and develop a more extensive client portfolio, you can gradually devote all your time to this new profession. When you’re ready to start, identify your skills, interests, and aptitude. Next, you’ll sign up for online digital marketing courses and get the required accreditation. A multitude of online resources is available to help you with in-depth, practical information that you can use to hone your skills further.

You’ll Choose Marketing Channels that Match Your Interests.

Digital marketing is a creative sphere where you can design and develop advertising strategies for clients. You can choose to work in areas like Website Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing, among others. Look for channels where you can use your inherent talents and aptitudes.

For instance, if you have a flair for essay writing and can write compelling copy that people enjoy reading, you’ll choose a career as a content writer. If you’re great with creating videos that present the world around you in a whole new way, you might want to consider a career in video marketing where you’ll assist clients by making advertorial clips to sell their products and services.

You Can Find Clients Using Online Platforms

Once you acquire the necessary training, finding clients and positions with companies is not all that difficult. Several online platforms are now available such as LinkedIn, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and AngelList, to name a few. You’ll connect with customers through these platforms that offer benefits like payment protection and mediation services. They’ll also vet clients and verify identities before connecting them with freelancers. You’ll create a profile, search for available jobs by reading up the project postings and apply for them. As you continue working, you’ll acquire hands-on experience and train on the job.

Starting Salaries May Not Seem Viable at First

As with any other profession, building a career in digital marketing and an impressive resume takes time. Several companies are open to hiring new talent to tap into fresh perspectives and outlooks towards the task. Startups may also be looking for low-cost freelancers and salaries that will fit into their limited budgets. Think of these positions as internships where the wages are low, but the opportunity to build a portfolio of successful outcomes and projects is immense. As you continue to gain exposure and a profile with favorable client reviews, you’ll gradually qualify for and get advanced positions that pay better salaries.

You Need Not Restrict Your Services to a Single Skill

Interestingly, digital marketers are multi-faceted and assist clients with different services. You can always upgrade your skills in related spheres to provide a more rounded portfolio of services. Content writers can go on to delivering white papers, academic writing, and creating compelling presentations for pitching to investors. Graphic designers can also work as User Experience (UX) designers and User Interface (UI) designers.

Eventually, you could set up an agency that provides digital marketing consulting with end-to-end solutions for all your client needs. Partnering with other people with diverse skills could also boost your business for long-term growth and success.

Should you choose a career in the digital marketing sphere, you’ll step into a rapidly advancing arena with new disciplines coming up all the time. This is a vibrant, dynamic industry filled with any number of possibilities to give free rein to your creativity.

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