Get Rid of Blackheads with These 5 COSRX Products

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Blackhead is tough to handle; let’s get that clear. Even if you try to remove every blackhead you see, you keep on finding a hundred more. If you have oily skin, you might be more prone to blackheads, but almost everyone has it. You may have it worse than others, but there are numerous ways to remove the stubborn blackheads on your face.

Before anything else, you have to know how blackheads form. These blackheads develop when excess sebum and dead skin cells merge inside your pores, which is why we mentioned that people with oily skin are more prone to blackheads. Unfortunately, it will keep on coming back if you do not handle it the proper way. 

Effective skin care products are vital in keeping your skin acne-free. Do not waste your time and money by purchasing cheap and ineffective products. If affordability is an issue, you might want to look into Korean skincare. Most well-known K-beauty brands like COSRX offer effective and inexpensive skin care products. 

Without ado, here are the best products that can powerfully get rid of blackheads and prevent them from coming back again.

  1. Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap

People with acne-prone skin are always encouraged to use oil-free products because most beauty products that contain oil are comedogenic. The last thing you want on your face full of blackheads is a pore-clogging product. Also, most low-quality moisturizers do not benefit your face and only clog your pores. 

We recommend you try this oil-free lotion that is packed with moisturizing and hydrating benefits for your skin. It contains 70.8% Birch Sap to provide soothing and moisturizing benefits on your face. If you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin, then this product is perfect for you. 

  • Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

Salicylic acid is a known ingredient for treating different acne types. It is also an excellent ingredient that can break down pore-clogging particles such as excess oil and dead skin cells. However, you need to use it consistently for it to work properly. 

This best-selling COSRX gentle cleanser was formulated for people with oily skin. But if you are suffering from any forms of acne, such as blackheads and whiteheads, this cleanser is good for your skin. It is also very gentle, even for sensitive skin. 

  • BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Specially formulated for diminishing blackheads, this chemical exfoliant is infused with Betaine Salicylate that effectively removes blackheads, excess sebum, and other impurities that are clogging your pores. Most experts would recommend acne-prone and oily skin types to use chemical exfoliants rather than physical exfoliants. Also, physical exfoliating or scrubbing can even damage your skin if you cannot do it properly.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

Looking for a moisturizer that also hydrates the skin can be difficult, as our skin needs moisture and hydration for it to be healthy. This cream comes in a rich formulation to provide extreme hydration and moisture to the skin. 

Did you know lack of moisture can make your skin oily? Once the skin feels the need to produce more oil due to dryness, it will overdrive and produce excess sebum. If you are afraid to have a shiny appearance, numerous lightweight moisturizers do not leave any sticky feeling, including this cream. 

  • Refresh AHA BHA Vitamin C Daily Toner

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) are powerful exfoliants used in many skin care products. Exfoliating is excellent for your skin, but some people tend to over-exfoliate when they see incredible results from it. However, using AHA/BHA-infused beauty products like this toner is easier to handle. Most of these products are suitable for everyday use without doing damage to your skin. 

This mild cleanser can quickly soothe skin irritation even after exfoliating, despite the AHA and BHA ingredients present in the formula. Unlike chemical and physical exfoliants, you can use this toner every day to helping you with your acne problems. This product also helps rejuvenate dull and damaged skin in no time.


Blackheads are challenging to remove, but you can solve this problem with simple products and patience. Focusing on ingredients with salicylic acid, AHA, and BHA can immediately improve your skin’s condition. Give these incredible products a try, and you might enjoy more of COSRX’s products.

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