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GD Swimwear – Behind the designers of the only swimwear brand to present at NYFW Street Fashion Week

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Miami designer Damian Donaire was vacationing with his family at a resort Cancun, Mexico when he overheard a group of women complaining about their unflattering tan lines. Upon returning to Miami, he recounted these complaints to his friend, Gonzalo Zulueta: “imagine if someone came up with a bathing suit that didn’t leave tan lines.” Inspired to take on the task, Gonzalo responded “Why not? Let’s try it.” Together, these emerging designers founded the anti-tan line swimwear company GD Swimwear. With the aid of industry professionals, these Miami designers developed the latest in swimwear technology in an effort to bring complaints of swimsuit tan lines to an end.

The emerging designers’ unique one-piece bathing suits and bikinis, which feature plunging necklines and boldly shaped cutouts, encourage women to embrace their bodies without fear of harsh tan lines. Now about a year later, they are developing their second collection and are presenting at NYFW Street Fashion Week, the only New York Fashion Week show dedicated to spotlighting street style fashion designers.

GD Swimwear is the only swimwear brand presenting alongside street style fashion designers during NYFW Street Fashion Week, one of New York Fashion Week’s direct to consumer fashion shows. Heavily associated with music and culture, street style fashion is not restricted to any genre of fashion, but rather taken from how fashionistas express themselves as individuals. Because Miami is surrounded by beaches, swimwear is a major component of the city’s streetwear. Having recently presented at Miami Swim Week, these emerging designers are already making a name for themselves within Miami beach culture.

Originally from Argentina, Damian moved to the United States when he was only five years old. Before he became one of the Miami designers behind GD Swimwear to present at NYFW, he attended Florida International University, where he earned a degree in International Business and Marketing, studied abroad in Madrid, and played soccer in numerous countries as a Florida All State player, including Spain, where he won the MVP award at CEU San Pablo University.

Prior to being poised to present at New York Fashion Week’s Street Fashion Week, Gonzalo Zulueta also attended Florida International University, pursuing a degree in Communications, and studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles for a semester. The Miami designer is also a Spanish-American actor and has played Tim Joven and Nick Smith in “Milagraos de Navidad,” a television mini-series released in 2017. In addition, he has made several appearances in Spanish Soap Operas and his performance in The Mediterranean Hotel earned the film a semi-finalist spot for Best Motion Picture at the Miami Film Festival in 2017.

While neither of the Miami designers has any formal fashion education, they bring global perspectives to their designs, which will showcase at NYFW. Together, the emerging designers have traveled to over 30 countries, including Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, and Poland. They plan on visiting Egypt next and hope to incorporate their observations of various cultures and street style fashion details into GD Swimwear’s upcoming collection.

GD Swimwear is poised to be the first Miami-based brand to present at New York Fashion Week’s streetstyle show, and the only swimwear brand to present at NYFW Street Fashion Week, which returns to New York on September 15th as part of a seven-city international tour. New York Fashion Week brings its production to the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East side, with its Street Fashion Week featuring the most notable emerging designers in luxury street style fashion.

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