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Gay Romantic Comedies at a Deliciously Low Price!

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JC Calciano and Cinema 175 currently have a wonderful offer on their Award-Winning romantic comedies for all UK fans

We can vouch for all of these as we own them all and love watching them. If you fancy getting a special 30% off deal in the UK, then this is where to go:


Myles and Brody are two best friends who are total opposites. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody is a sexy cop on the hunt for Mr. Right now. These two friends make a plan that they’ll be together in a decade if they are both still single. Nearly ten years later and still alone, both friends will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a couple. This is the third feature film from writer/director JC Calciano, creator of IS IT JUST ME? and eCUPID.


From the writer/director of THE 10 YEAR PLAN and IS IT JUST ME? comes this sparkling romantic comedy which takes online dating to the extreme! Marshall is an over-worked and under-sexed ad executive who is suffering from a serious case of the seven-year itch. Sexually frustrated, he downloads a mysterious dating app, eCUPID, to help him with his love-life. His world is instantly turned upside down as sexy, horned-up guys appear at every turn to teach him a lesson about true love and finding the perfect mate. Firing on all cylinders with sharp wit, a hot cast, and a surprise visit from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild, eCUPID will win your heart!


From the writer/director of THE 10 YEAR PLAN and eCUPID comes one of the funniest and sweetest gay romantic comedies in years. IS IT JUST ME? delivers a refreshingly witty take on one gay boys search for Mr. Right. Cute, but unaware of his adorableness, Blaine can’t seem to meet guys, let alone form a relationship. His beefy and promiscuous go-go boy roommate Cameron can’t understand why he doesn’t pounce and enjoy some one-nighters. Instead, Blaine hides in his room and searches online for a kindred spirit. He may have found one in the form of Zander, a shy recently relocated Texan. Full of witty charm and cute boys, IS IT JUST ME? is a bona fide feel-good winner! Starring Nicholas Downs as Blaine.

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