Future Radio releases feel-good Pop Punk Christmas song

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Future Radio spreads some Christmas cheer and ends of a successful 2022 with the release of the single, Another Christmas Song.This feel-good Pop Punk tune playfully jokes about the craziness surrounding this holiday. Along with the single, the band will also roll out a “12-days of Christmas” giveaway competition toreward their ever-growing fan base.

Another Christmas Song starts with a riff that embellishes the classic Christmas song, Jingle Bells. Lyrically the verses describe typical holiday cliches, and as the song’s title suggests, the chorus jokingly proclaims that this song adds to the canon of the long list of existing Christmas songs. With this release, Future Radio follow in the footsteps of many other Pop Punk acts that have also released Christmas songs including, Blink 182, All Time Low and New Found Glory, to name but a few.

Future Radio unequivocally states that Christmas is their favourite holiday, hence why this song was a no-brainer for the band. “I’ve always loved Christmas and everything about it. It’s a time for relaxing, spending time with loved ones and loads of food, what’s not to like?”, laughs frontman and songwriter, Johnny Future. “Since I can remember I’ve loved Christmas songs and I’ve always wanted to write one, so now I can tick it off my list”, he continues.

Customary to Future Radio releases, the music video for Another Christmas Song also has a unique narrative. In the music video, Johnny portrays a Grinch-like character. “Another Christmas Song’s lyrics are playful and tongue-in-cheek, so we had to create a funny storyline to match this”, elaborates Future Radio guitarist and visual artist Drikus Roets. “In the music video Johnny wants to work all the time, which is not far from the truth might I add, and we want him to enjoy Christmas with us, which then leads to some pretty funny scenarios”, explains Drikus. 

2022 has been a very successful year for Future Radio, in which they’ve released six singlesThe band’s creative and consistent content has garnered them over 20K followers on Instagram, and this upward trend has been visible across their social media and digital streaming platforms. Their single, Something to Believe, reached the #13 spot on MixFm’s SA Top 40 chart and the song also received more than 30 000 plays on Spotify alone. Various of their releases were playlisted on both Spotify and Apple Music’s official playlists. Taking all this into consideration, 2023 looks bright for this hardworking, creative and talented duo.

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