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As a rule, most people love fruit. Probably that’s why the fruit diet was invented. It is considered to be delicious, interesting and low-cost.

The ideal solution for the beginning of this diet is the end of spring and the beginning of summer, when fresh fruits appear in our country, which are much cheaper and often of higher quality than imports. At the same time, it is a nice opportunity to prepare your body for the beach.

Variants of such a diet are very numerous, from mono diets based on the consumption of only one fruit to multi-component with the presence of protein products.

Each fruit is rich in these or that trace elements, and fiber is the element that combines them. If we consider each fruit separately, it can be noted that apples are rich in iron and help to handle a low level of hemoglobin (anemia), as well as help to normalize the digestion. Peach activates the operation of the small intestine. Pineapple burns fats, and citrus improves metabolism and leads to the dropping of extra pounds. Pear, because of its high content of fructose, is one of the main fruits that help with the weight loss in diabetics. A plum sets up the work of the digestion. Therefore, the fruit diet not only helps to reduce weight, but also to establish many processes in the body. However, it is worth remembering, that eating some fruits for more than three days is fraught with serious health problems.

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Advantages of fruit diet

– One of the undeniable advantages of this diet is that the body is cleansed of toxins due to a large amount of fiber.

– It can be noted that due to the large number of microelements and vitamins that enter the body with fruits, one doesn’t need to worry about the impact on the condition of the nails, hair, complexion during the diet. It’s all good. In addition, cellulite reduction can be observed.

– If the feeling of hunger pierces you at night, then you can safely eat a bite of fruit without fear of getting extra weight in the morning.

Disadvantages of the fruit diet

– Protein starvation – can occur if the body does not receive protein food for a long time. This is fraught with increased acidity in the stomach, muscle atrophy, changes in the functioning of internal organs. The mental and physical activity decreases, immunity sharply decreases. Nevertheless, the physical signs are: fatigue, a feeling of hunger and thirst, constipation is replaced by diarrhea, frequent urination, possibly a feeling of chilliness.

– Lack of vitamin B12, which enters the body with milk and dairy products. Lack of this vitamin can be seen by external signs: icterus or pallor of the skin, sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations, decreased appetite, the appearance of a feeling of numbness in the limbs.

The rules necessary for a fruit diet

  • The most important rule (for any diet) is that a large amount of liquid must enter the body to avoid dehydration. Fruit diet in this case is also no exception. It is necessary to drink one and a half to two liters of water a day. It can be water (boiled, filtered, mineral without gases), tea (preferably green), freshly squeezed fruit juices.
  • It is desirable to have a variety of fruits (if it is not a mono-diet). Banana and grapes are fruits that can’t be eaten based on their high calorie content.
  • Fruits are preferably to be eaten not only in raw form, but also in processed or even baked forms, braised in a small amount of water, jelly, etc.
  • Do not set yourself the goal to eat as much as possible. There is just enough so that the feeling of hunger is gone.

Contraindications for the fruit diet

Not everyone is suitable for a fruit diet. First of all, it should not be used by people who suffer from allergy and people prone to diathesis.

People with chronic diseases of internal organs, before starting the diet, should consult a specialized expert in their disease, so as not to provoke a relapse and not to provoke serious consequences.

With peptic ulcer and gastritis (hyperacidity), the fruit diet is contraindicated (except for banana diet).

Types of fruit diets and sample of menus

As mentioned above, there are many types of fruit diets, but they can be divided into two groups.

Mono – diet. Its essence lies in the fact that during the day, and sometimes during the whole diet, only one type of fruit is eaten. Among these, we can note the effectiveness of apple, citrus and peach diets.

Mixed Diet. When several kinds of fruits are eaten.

A mixed and at the same time sparing diet allows the presence in the diet of fat-free yogurt, lean poultry and steamed non-fat fish fillets, as well as boiled vegetables, a small amount of bread, etc.

The approximate menu of the mixed diet, sparing fruit diet, which allows you to lose up to 4 kilograms in three days is represented below.

Day 1. Well, the breakfast consists of 1 half of a small melon and yogurt (it should contain no fat). For lunch – a fruit salad with strawberries, oranges and kiwi under yogurt. You are allowed to eat two plums for a snack. Supper (should be eaten three hours before sleep) – vegetable salad sprinkled with lemon juice, boiled chicken fillet and 1 half of a grapefruit.

Day 2. During the breakfast – salad consisting of berries (any) and cereal flakes (can be muesli) with yoghurt. Lunch consists of three slices of nice, fresh pineapple. You can eat one peach for a snack. Dinner consists of boiled turkey breast, lettuce and orange.

Day 3. The breakfast – two slices of watermelon and yoghurt. Lunch – strawberries and one mashed banana. Afternoon – 1 cup of berries. Dinner – lean fish and Brussels sprouts (steamed as a fish).

We would also like to introduce you the recipe for a fast fruit diet. It allows to get rid of up to eight extra pounds in six days. Two conditions are mandatory in it:

  • Every day you should eat the exact amount of fruit that is indicated.
  • You can drink only one liter of water a day.

On the first and the sixth day, you should eat 1 kg of any fruit (except for the grapes). During the second and the fifth days you should eat one and a half kilograms. On the third and the fourth days, you should eat two kilograms.

As you see, the fruit diet is a tasty way to lose some weight. However, before starting it, you should consult your doctor.

Disclaimer – Divine Magazine are publishing this article as an external guest post and takes no responsibility for any side effects where anyone commences any sort of diet. This is a personal decision and we recommend you look into any diet carefully and weigh up the pros and cons and research the clinical benefits before deciding to go ahead.

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