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Fourth and Long by Michele M. Rakes

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Michele Micheal Rakes lives in a small town in the shadow of a big mountain. She works as a surgical technologist assisting in the removal of tonsils and testicles. She has three grown children, two psychotic Egyptian Mau’s, a husband with hair down to his ass, two Harley’s, and a ferret named Teeny Tiny Ferret Feet (husband insists her name Little Feet, we all know he’s wrong).
Publication Date
March 17, 2015
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Irus Beaumont, cornerback for the Highlanders, has an issue with his nemesis: wideout for the Pirates, Jackson McCoy.

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Forbidden love...true love...soul mates?
Blond, blue-eyed, fleet-footed Jackson McCoy lives for football - it’s all he has as his family are all gone. He’s the Pirates top wideout and constantly evading cornerbacks with his amazing skill and ability to scrub coverage. He’s also a closeted gay man, as the locker room is no place for the feelings he has to hide. He enjoys rough sex on the sly with Pirate’s Quarterback, Terry, who is a married man with children. The Pirates win the championship game, but a jealous team mate, who hears the two men going at it in a bathroom stall after the big game, outs the pretty blond to the team. Jackson suffers at the hands of his team mates. The team quickly disposes of the kind, gentle, generous young man who was the key to their winning the league championship, trading him to the Highlanders.

Sparks already flew on the field between Jacks and Highlanders’ cornerback Irus Beaumont when they were rivals. Irus has a thing for blonds with blue eyes, but particularly the gorgeous Jacks. Irus fights his attraction for the stunning receiver on and off the field, but he has a no football player rule, and is deeply in the closet himself. When the two men find themselves on the same team, it’s like throwing fuel on the flames, but Irus accidentally hurts Jacks during spring training, and his guilt has him calling his crush every night while he’s away in Orlando at the best rehab center in the country.

Jacks has some serious trust issues to work though as his feelings for Irus develop with the nightly calls, since he was molested by a trusted family friend as a boy, and groomed by him well into his college career before the confused young man managed to escape his abuser. Jacks is also threatened and then raped by his former team mate. He buries his shame deep, refusing to tell Irus.

When the FBI come round looking to build their case against the paedophile, the secrets and mistrust threatens to tear apart the burgeoning relationship between the handsome, huge black cornerback and the sweet blond receiver, especially when Jacks is publicly outed by an angry, jealous former team mate after the Pirates lose their pre-season game to the Highlanders.

Will the two football players keep it together and find their happy ever after, or will evil triumph and destroy them? I recommend you read this second book by Michele Rakes and find out for yourselves.
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