Flying Out Of Heathrow: How To Plan A Stress-Free Holiday From The Start

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London is a transport hub, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to navigate. Many airports and other transport hubs in the city are hectic and can be stressful to deal with when you’re in a hurry to get off on your dream holiday.

One of the most difficult transport hubs to deal with is Heathrow Airport. Heathrow, while the largest airport in the UK, is also the most stressful one to deal with in Europe. So, if you’re flying out of it, it’s easy to get stressed and start your holiday off the wrong way.

To help any travellers looking to leave from Heathrow and relax from the very beginning, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Book An Airport Transfer To Dodge The Parking Nightmare

Parking at Heathrow and arranging for the care of your car during your trip is always a hassle. To save yourself time and reduce the chances of your precious car getting harmed while you’re away, book an airport transfer. When you think of airport transfers, you might be put off by the mental image of an overcrowded bus that stops at every terminal.

If you want to relax from the moment you start your holiday, then book a Heathrow chauffeur. The Heathrow Airport transfer service from S&S Prestige Services will allow you to relax and know that you’re in safe hands as you start your journey, not from the airport but from your own front door. Their Heathrow Airport chauffeur solution is safe and easy to book in advance, so you can rest assured that you’ll get to the right terminal with plenty of time to spare before your flight. 

Track Your Flight So You Always Know What’s Going On

One of the biggest stresses most of us face when flying is the uncertainty. It’s always worrying that your flight might be delayed or that the gate changes just before boarding begins. To ensure that you’re always aware of what’s going on, track your flight using a smartphone app from your airline or another provider.

While most airports do provide tracking solutions and regular updates, having access to regular reminders on your phone can make it easier and give you less worry. If you want to go to the bathroom or spend some time browsing through duty-free, then you can reduce your worry and ensure that you’re always alerted if there’s a sudden change.

Sit Back And Relax In The Airport Lounge Until Takeoff

Waiting for your flight by the gate can be noisy, crowded and boring. Thankfully there is an alternative: an airport lounge. Heathrow is home to several airport lounges across all its terminals, so you can find one that gives you everything you want.

Most airport lounges offer seats, showers and some form of food to tempt travellers. Some have gyms and other luxury amenities, which you can use during your stay before your flight. Often, it can be more cost-effective to become a member of an airport lounge, particularly if you fly out of Heathrow regularly. So, find the airport lounge you love and consider saving yourself a spot there for every trip you take out of Heathrow, to give yourself the ultimate in relaxation before every trip.

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