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Five ways to get an industrial décor look at affordable rates

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Industrial décor is vintage and stylish both at the same time. It has the ability to make any space look more than fabulous. If you have a limited budget and you want an industrial look for your home, here we discuss six ways to get this type of décor at affordable rates.

Choose a color scheme

When decorating any space with the industrial look, you should choose a proper color scheme. It will make decorating easier for you. You can then select furniture and accessories according to the selected color scheme. The best color for industrial décor are shades of brown and burnt orange. These shades can easily make any space look industrial.

Industrial furniture

When you have a strict budget, and you need good furniture, you can look for it online or buy it from stores that are on sale or that sell used things. You can also get unfinished furniture. This can add an industrial look to your space. You can purchase wooden furniture that is not quite finished yet; you can also get the old furniture that looks rustic now. Such old pieces are available at low rates so you will save a lot of money.

Choose the rustic accessories

Another thing that you can do to highlight your industrial décor is to choose rustic accessories. Ditch those expensive crystal lights and go for rustic ceiling lamps. Ceiling lamps will surely make an amazing impact on your space. Other than that, you can also choose pendant lights. You can hang them wherever required, and they will create the best look for you. For example, if you are decorating the dining area, hang a pendant lamp in the middle of the dining table. This way you can create a dim and relaxing atmosphere that looks industrial as well.


The rug is another must when it comes to industrial décor. You shouldn’t choose rugs that are too vibrant in color or the ones with floral prints or geometric design. You can simply get a plain looking dark colored rug; it will cost you a lot less than those textured rugs. Another economical option is that you can use an old faded rug; it will create a great industrial look.

A coffee table

Up next is a coffee table. Instead of buying those expensive center tables for your space, you can simply buy a little coffee table. You can even make a table of your own with a wooden surface and exposed steel legs. Or, you can simply use a steel table that is old, and no one likes it anymore. Decorate it with a candle stand, and it will look more than pretty with the overall industrial theme.

I hope this article helps you out. Have a wonderful day and stay safe everyone!


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