Five Top 2021 Menswear Trends

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It has been a full year to show off our fashion taste in the public. Normality is on the horizon and, we can go back to upgrading our style. Fashion has changed a bit but not too much to catch us out. Streetwear is still prominent in the fashion industry due to its premium styles as well as its cheaper options. Here are some of the best brands you should look out for during 2021. 

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Levi Strauss  

Levi has been around for many years now and it has built a reputation of over 150 years. They are not a cheap item of clothing but they are certainly worth every penny due to the quality. They make items of clothing such as jeans, jackets, t-shirts and sizes that cater to everyone. It is all about making the right impression and Levi jeans certainly do that.    Like mentioned earlier, the price is down to the quality which is 100% cotton denim which, is made from Cordura fibres. Due to its reputation that it has built up over the years, you are paying for the brand name as well. This is going to be something that will be in the market for years to come and remain in the fashion industry.   


Champion does not have the same respect as Levi but has been a major brand in the market. It comes and goes a lot in the fashion industry but is always respected for its active gear. They sell a variety of branded clothing which is t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jumpers and even trainers. Champion is not an expensive brand neither which, which is something that might persuade you. As well as the comfiness of the clothing that it Champion produces. These clothes are perfect for at home and became very popular during that period. They also fit well as well as look good in the gym as well for your workout. This is definitely something that you need to add to your wardrobe, whether it is for the gym for your new press-up exercises or relaxing at home.   

Reigning Champ  

Reigning Champ is a more premium item of clothing than Champion. That is not because of their name neither. You will often see prices that are more than tripled for the same style of clothing. There is a reason for this, and that is because of the quality that comes with each product. They have activewear for both males and females suited for a lot of sizes. Reigning Champ offers something different to their site which, is being able to choose which fabric you would like in the categories section. Giving their website something different from other brand’s out there and showing that they have multiple fabrics for their clothing.   


Going for the more expensive brands, Patagonia is certainly up there on this list. This is a brand that is extremely popular in the United States and popular in the United Kingdom. It is known for its sustainable outdoor clothing and apparel and was founded back in 1973.     Patagonia has been known for speaking out bout ethical and environmental issues around the globe. Something that attracts many of their customers. Even though its clothing targets more “outdoor adventures”, there are items of clothing that are good for casual wear as well. These can be fleeces, rain jackets, and coats.   

Last but least, Nike  

Everyone will know the Nike brand for its amazing and quality activewear. Especially for its dry-fit products that have inspired other activewear brands across the fashion industry. Nike is now targeting a different audience with their clothing which is the streetwear consumers. Streetwear is really popular across the globe, from the west to the eastern parts of the world. Their printed t-shirts are becoming more and more popular as well. Not to mention their trainers that look great with full tracksuits and hoodies that have great prices.   

To conclude  

Fashion constantly changes and so do brands. They will change their style to keep push more sales and be different in the market. Meaning you will have to change with these brands as well although, some brands will always keep the same style.  

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