Five Reasons You Should Go See the Dentist

Written by David Milsont

Meeting up with a dentist regularly is probably fairly low down on most people’s to-do list. In fact, it is, let’s face it, the very last thing on most people’s minds until something forces them to think about it.

We are all more aware than ever of the need to be vigilant about oral health and access to dental care has never been easier. And yet there are still far too many of us who are prepared to put up with any amount of pain or discomfort rather than visit the dentist.

Here, we want to help change that attitude by telling you why we think you should see the professionals such as those at Portobello Dental, to ensure your teeth, and your mouth is in tip-top condition.

1. A toothache

This is the number one reason that forces people to see a dentist and quite often they wait until it has become almost unbearable before they make an appointment. A toothache could indicate any number of problems and the fact is that it doesn’t just go away, it gets worse, and often with eating or drinking. Causes of a toothache can include cavities, a cracked tooth, loose fillings, receding gums, or abscesses below the tooth.

2. Bad Breath

This is another condition that people tend to just put up with until, that is, a friend plucks up the courage to tell them that their breath has become – well – offensive. Bad breath can be a temporary issue but it can also be a warning sign of something serious like gum disease or tooth decay so it needs to be checked out.

3. Bleeding Gums

Have you started to spit blood when you brush your teeth? This could be a sign of gum disease or it could simply mean that you are brushing too hard. Your dentist is the one who can examine you and tell you what is going on and recommend treatment if necessary to prevent the problem from getting any worse.

4. Mouth Sores

Many of us suffer from mouth ulcers which are painful but temporary and usually nothing to worry about. But if you find that you are seeing recurring sores, especially those which look different and don’t clear up properly then this can be an indication of infection or of something more serious. Your dentist is often the first to spot any oral health issues and can refer you for further treatment if necessary.

5. Ashamed of Your Teeth

Do you find yourself smiling from behind your hands? Perhaps your teeth are crooked or you have lost several teeth over the years and are no longer confident in your appearance. Years of eating and drinking the wrong things like red wine, tea and coffee and highly spiced food will eventually leave their indelible mark on the teeth and you will notice staining and discoloration which doesn’t go away with normal brushing. Similarly, if you smoke, or have been a smoker, your teeth will be left badly stained. Your breath will also be the telltale breath of a smoker.

There is absolutely no reason to put up with a less than perfect smile when a trip to the dentist can restore a youthful smile in the next to no time. All the things we have mentioned are treatable and, more importantly, preventable with regular check-ups. Rather than wait until things become painful or the appearance of your teeth becomes embarrassing why not get into a regular routine.

Seeing your dentist for regular checks of your teeth and gums will help to spot problems before they occur.

Dental health affects your overall health and wellbeing. If your mouth is healthy and your teeth look good you feel good!

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