Fitness And Running Tips To Lose Your Belly Fat

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That persistent bulge in your abdomen, otherwise known as belly fat, can be very annoying. Belly fat changes the way you dress forcing you shop from the racks that suit your body type.

The question is, is this your body type? Although excess fat around the stomach area is not gendered; women are more likely to suffer from this. Extreme cases of belly fat lead to a bulge around your belly area followed by slim legs.

In the fashion world, such as bump is referred to as a muffin top or pouch. Talk of cruelty rolled up with humor! Trying to get rid of a persistent pouch tends to hurt your self-esteem, and you may resort to a bag of chips for comfort. So, here goes the age old question; how do you get rid of your belly fat? If you are agonizing over excess fat in your stomach area, you have probably tried different methods to tackle that pouch to no avail.

Experts recommend a strict regimen of dieting accompanied by sweating it out on the race track. While these methods work for some people, others find it hard to keep up. In this article, we explore how to lose belly fat effectively and in a healthy manner.

a) Run on varying terrains
If you have been running on a race track at the nearby high school, then you are pretty much used to running on flat ground. You need a more rigorous running exercise. Forget the race track and go to the state park. Look for a public park away from the city that has hills and valleys. Your body will burn extra calories when running on an incline than it would on a regular race track. Add a sense of adventure and invite your colleagues for a run after business hours. Careful, though, keep the group small as large groups may be harder to manage. Imagine synchronizing the schedule of twenty people! Five running mates are enough.

b) Utilize your staircase
If your friends learned that you run within the comfort of your home, they might be quick to judge and laugh off your exercise regime. Well, wait until you show them how its done. Running up and down a staircase toughens up your glutes and straightens out the solid lines on your belly. With consistent exercise, the belly fat layer will start receding in a matter of a few weeks. Please note, it takes time for results to show and giving up midway will not only make you a quitter but you also miss out enjoying the fruit of your labor. Hang in there a little longer. Staircases come in handy for city residents who may not have access to parks with rough terrain.

c) Circuit Training
If you are debating how to lose belly fat in an effective and healthy manner, try circuit training. Circuit training combines running with tummy toning exercises like abdominal crunches. Alternating between these exercises ensures that you give your stomach area the attention it deserves. Take it a notch higher by incorporating other methods of circuit training such as the squat with a twist and the abdominal hold. Ask your fitness trainer to take you through these exercises on the next visit. This regimen will earn you a flat tummy with strong muscles that you can proudly show off at your local gym.

d) Stimulate your metabolism
One of the common ways of speeding up the process of burning calories is running before a meal. Reputable researchers will attest to this fact. The body burns more fat on an empty stomach as compared to attempting exercise after a heavy meal. Running on an empty stomach does not mean waiting for the hunger pangs to attack before strapping on your running shoes. No. You need the energy to run so schedule your fitness program wisely.

No amount of exercise will make up for poor dieting. If you sweat it out in the park then settle down with a bowl of candy, you may never make headway in your quest for a flat belly. Stay clear of comfort foods and opt for a healthy snack like a granola bar. Restock the fridge with healthy fresh juices in the place carbonated drinks. Getting rid of the wrong foods takes you one step closer to controlling your cravings. Maintain a healthy diet and keep up your fitness routine. It is common to fail in the beginning but does not allow a mishap to break your spirit.

Guest Post by Jessica Natalie

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