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Fire Of The Heart by Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil

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Fire Of The Heart by Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil

Book Info

Book Series
Hearts Of Parkerburg
Publication Date
February 01, 2016
Craig Gilchrist is the oldest of five siblings, the captain of the Parkerburg Fire Department, and all around buddy his friends run to when they have a problem. Unfortunately, he’s keeping a secret not only from the whole town, but his family as well. Living in the shadows works for him until one fateful night when a hot stranger walks across a smoky barroom, forcing Craig to make a move that could rock the foundation of his existence…and fill the void in his heart he doesn’t realize he has. 

Melrose escaped the end of a bad relationship to start over in Parkerburg. With the support of his cousin and a job waiting tables at a great restaurant, he thinks his life is finally going pretty smoothly. That’s when his path crosses that of Craig Gilchrist, local fire captain. The big, beefy firefighter is definitely not his type. So why does he suddenly star in all of Melrose’s fantasies? 

With Melrose at his side, Craig finally has the motivation to step out of the shadows and let Parkerburg see the real him…until trouble arises and the truth comes to light that perhaps he doesn’t know the real Melrose. 

Lies and fears play havoc with their newly acquired relationship. Luckily, once ignited, the hearts of Parkerburg don’t burn out so easily. 

The Hearts of Parkerburg stories can be read as standalones, each with a HEA…but trust me, you'll want to read about all the sweet happenings in this quaint little town. 

Christmas in His Heart - Dermot & Xander's story 
Heart on the Run - Chaz & Sprocket's story

Editor reviews

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Wonderful addition to the series.
I have really enjoyed this series, and I still want to live in Parkerburg....small towns and close knit communities make for the best stories. Friends and neighbours who love to have their noses in everybodies  business, but who are also caring and protective, with the biggest hearts. 
This story has a coming out, (a little later than is often the norm), a man doing his best to escape his past, and the wonderfully happy, healthy relationship they eventually build together.
Craig and Melrose are very much, opposites attract, but work great together. The romance between these two is incredibly sweet most of the time, and incredibly frustrating when they aren't communicating! I was rooting for them all the way through! The physical relationship is hot and fun, they have a great friendship, sweet romance and some seriously lovely love. 
This whole series is lovely, great characters, beautiful romances, hot sex, awesome friendships and lots of love. Read them all!
Top 10 Reviewer 87 reviews
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