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Fire and Fog by Andrew Grey
by Cat Clontz     July 11, 2017    

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Welcome back to Carlisle.  This time we have two new characters, Dwayne and Robin, with very diverse paths that happen to cross at a dance club.  Robin is there to earn some money in a not so legal way, and Dwayne is a cop who recognizes immediately what the younger man is up to.
When he discovers that the young man has lost his home via a scam artist, he promptly moves Robin in with him, and things take off from there.  Storyline-wise, it’s the standard sweet versus prickly characters finding their way to each other through hardships.  
The characters are fairly well fleshed out.  The dialogue is witty, and I love seeing some of the other characters from previous books, especially the connection with Terry and Red facing the realities of stardom.  The interconnection of stories is always a plus for me.  There is a suspense aspect to the story that is fairly obvious from the start, but one piece of it definitely surprised me, and I was glad of it.  
Unfortunately, the book went a bit further in belief suspension than I could manage.  There is simply too much happening too quickly for me to buy into it.  Insta-lust I can handle, but adding the child of the dead sister and the insta-love/family acceptance/turn your world upside down for a brand new relationship was simply too far out.  Then there is the minimal attraction between the characters.  I never particularly felt that they had the steam that this series is known for.
The sixth book in what has so far been a great series lacked something.  It just didn’t hit me the way the others have.  I’m rating this at 3 stars.  It’s an okay read, it just didn’t resonate with me as much as his other books.  Remember, though, your mileage may vary.
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