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Finn: A Bully Novella by Morgan Campbell

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Finn: A Bully Novella  by Morgan Campbell

Book Info

Book Series
Bully #2
Publication Date
March 10, 2017
It all started with a doll…

All I wanted was to be a kid,
to have fun with my friends and make mistakes.
But little did I know that my father had other plans.
A daily life lesson constantly spat in my face.

Every day, for years, I’ve been told that I’m wrong.
That I'm a mistake.
That I'm a sinner.
That no matter what, I’m an abomination.
A reminder that’s been drilled into my head;
beaten into my body and soul;
like a punch to the gut;
shoved in my face,
that what I am is a betrayal to my family.
Simply for being me. Simply for being gay.

Now, all I want is to be free from this nightmare that I’m trapped in.
To find the one that got away.
The one with the hazel eyes…
All I want is to find him
so he can save me from myself.   

Editor reviews

1 reviews

The Bully...
First I want to say this is NOT a stand alone you have to read 'Grayson' first. And please do because it is a story you have to read. I just reread it before I started Finn. I can't  understand myself why I gave it four I upgraded it to five. Maybe because of the hurt in it....I really don't know

This second book in The Bully serie tells the devastating story of Finn
I just read it in one steady pace only to stop eating. I was glued to the story.
It is painful in all the ways you can think of.
I will try to review this one without giving the first one away.

It starts when Finn is five and already knows to keep his mouth shut about wanting a doll at the toy story because of his father....but he get caught and that was the beginning of the living hell. His father became his biggest bully alive.

What follows will grab you by the throat. Finns life is miserable, dark and only driven on survival.
We get to know every detail of his life. How he first sees Grayson, at a very young age, and how he is taken by his sight. How his heart flutters and how scared he is. We get to know his view of the story, how he lived his life or better how he survived the battle. How he finally is big enough to stop the fist of his bully. And finally gets to experience to be with a another man.
How he finally gets strong enough to come out and be who he is: the beautiful man who is so in love with the man named Grayson.

It's heartbreaking, harsh and very painful. But through all the shit there is light, bright light and blissful happiness....thank you lordie

Awesome written story, very captivating, I finished it in one go, very well developed. 
It was right from every sight no errors (storyline/timeline) in this story. All the supportive people were right. I sat on the edge of the chair while reading because i was eager to read the next line.

I recommend this story for the ones who can handle abuse and then this one (plus #1) is absolute for you!!

"True forgiveness is when you can say thank you for that experience"

~ ARC received from Author for a honest review  ~

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