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A Fine Romance by T. Neilson

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A Fine Romance by T. Neilson

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T Neilson is the author of The Trouble with Mr. Midwest, Submission Guidelines, and A Fine Romance (forthcoming in 2016). She loves to write romance books that are full of fluff and nonsense, but with a serious undertone.

T grew up in the Rocky Mountains and moved out west to go to university, and there she stayed. She has now lived and worked on Vancouver Island for fifteen years and, by some definitions, is even considered a local now.

She still misses sparkling, snowy winters of the mountains, but living in a temperate rainforest has its perks. In the summer you can find her either camping or hiking. If she's not out there, try looking at the beach. She might be out there, listening to audiobooks, scouring the shore for beach glass, and trying to fill her year's quota of vitamin D by acting like a lizard whenever the sun comes out.

In the rainy season, (substantially longer than the sunny season) she writes, reads, drinks far too much coffee, bakes and cooks, and works hard to maintain an addiction to pop culture, social media, and cartoons. If you're looking for her, she's probably on the couch, under the big blanket, nursing a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and reading something juicy. She also writes SFF under the name Tam MacNeil.

Benji Rao, a hard-working welder from the Pacific Northwest, is recovering from a life-threatening and life-changing injury at a posh California resort. Trouble is, he’s miserable. His friends are worried, his panic attacks are getting worse, and the guy in the bungalow next to his is none other than Jamie Durham—the kind of neighbor who plays music loud, blows everybody’s breakers, and doesn’t care what people think of him.But there’s more to Jamie than late nights, a huge inheritance, and a wild reputation. After endless bad press, Jamie longs for a chance to live a normal life, without the rumors and innuendo, and without his growing concern that he might be going crazy.When Ben finds himself desperate for a date and Jamie is the only option, Jamie can’t believe his luck—a date with Ben would be as normal as it gets. But when the date doesn’t exactly go as planned, Ben and Jamie must overcome their personal demons to find their way to love.

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1 reviews

5.0  (1)
An unforgettable read
(Updated: December 07, 2015)
A Fine Romance is a gay mystery suspense novella that actually reads like a novel. T Neilson's MC's are as fully fleshed out as any I've read in a novel twice its length. There is depth to her characters and a riveting plot line that begs to be read in one sitting. 

Benji Rao is a blue collar worker vacationing at a "posh Californian resort" courtesy of his best friends Nate and Bree. He has suffered a life changing accident in his job as a welder at a Portland shipyard, and is looking to recover physically and mentally before returning to work. Having almost died, faced his own mortality and taken nine months to recover from open heart surgery, Benji wants nothing more than a restful holiday, preferably completely alone. Curing himself of panic attacks whenever he even thinks about his old job is also on the agenda. 

Jamie Durham, the extremely rich son of now deceased pop star parents, has a reputation for bad boy behaviour and recklessness. He is the polar opposite of quiet, controlled, predictable Benji. When Jamie moves into the bungalow next to Benji he proves to be the neighbour from hell. Arrogant, loud and a law unto himself, Jamie is used to doing exactly as he pleases, including playing music full blast at all hours of the night. There is clearly no common ground between these two men and it's looking more and more like Benji's vacation will be over before it properly begins. 

How these two men meet and slowly open up to each other, finding not only common ground, but also a way to help the other find peace, makes for a heartwarming, utterly engrossing read. Throw in company espionage, a sinister foe who'll stop at nothing to take Jamie's parents legacy away and things that go bump in the night and A Fine Romance becomes an unforgettable read. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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