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Finding Armando, by Joe Cosentino
Books EW Elaine White June 20, 2020 1162
Funny and Heartwarming!
 POV: 1st person, past tense, one character POV

 Finding Armando is a story of love, friendship, family and a found family that is all woven together like a warm woollen blanket on a winter night.

 We were introduced to Theo and Jamison Finding Giorgio, where the ending was bittersweet. Here, we begin less than a year later, with Theo and Jamison passing on the generosity and happiness they've found with each other, by opening a resort that welcomes all. With a new adventure, new business, new staff and new friends, it's the same Theo and Jamison, but happily married and on a new adventure.

 The characters were wonderful. Unlike the Cozzi Cove series, there isn't a multi-POV for the couples who find their way to each other, (though I wouldn't have objected!) but rather, Theo – as nosy and wonderfully cheeky as he is – manages to find himself loitering nearby for those pivotal moments. And, I'm glad! I absolutely wanted to see the complete story of Kendall's first foray into love, and how Phoenix handled an outrageous flirt. I needed to see those things, and I'm so happy I did. Kendall was a riot, and Phoenix was a nicely level-headed counter point to his antics.

 And, can I also offer some props for the nicely done Military rep? In a book that has a heavy and heartbreaking reminder of DADT and its consequences, it was nice to have that counterbalance of GOOD military men, to showcase the changed times, with Kendall and Phoenix both being military: Navy and Marines, respectively.

 As for Asher and Armando, they were stunningly adorable, and their story was both heartbreaking and lovely, because – unlike Nolan and Giorgio, who were at the end of their lives, when they were reunited – they were young enough to mend the bond, heal the pain and move on together into a new future. And, if Theo managed to unite a few more couples along the way, him The Matchmaking Wonder, because he's good at it, and each moment was short but sweet.

 Just like the Cozzi Cove series, each Found At Last novel wraps you up in a familiarity that says “Welcome home” and leaves you with a smile. By the time you turn that last page, you feel good, happy and content. Everyone got their happily ever after, and you spent a pleasant few hours with old friends.

 Will there be more? I'm not sure. Finding Armando ends on a perfect note for an ending, but also offers the opportunity for a fresh new start, if Cosentino chooses. Either way, I'll be happy, and you can bet I'll be back for another round if they choose to write more.


 Favourite Quotes

 “Kendall scratched at his bulging bicep. “Are you trying to find Armando for Asher like you located Giorgio for Nolan?”
“That’s the plan,” I replied.
“How come you never found anybody for me?” Kendall asked.
“Have you lost somebody?”
“Sure. But it was on purpose.”

“Maybe we should change the name of the resort to Honeymoon Hotel.”
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