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Film Fest reminds all why Everyone Loves Right Said Fred

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RIGHT SAID FRED  does it again… staring role  and NEW HIT FEATURED SONG for the Break Out Movie  MEET PURSUIT DELANGE reminds us why EVERYONE LOVES THE FREDS!

The film has been the star of the RAINDANCE FILM FEST in LONDON (UK) selling out a record three times with tickets still selling out.  The movie will soon be available on NETFLIX for all to enjoy who can’t make it down to the film fest. Check out the blogposts on the film for more info, reviews, clips and updates .

THE FREDS  hit song for the movie  RAINING IN ENGLAND  can be heard through the soundcloud link. Make sure to catch some of the exclusive photos of Richard and Fred performing in the film right below.



Follow the movie, film fest  and THE FREDS on twitter for updates~ @pursuitdelange  @Raindance @thefreds

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