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February 2018 Author Of The Month: Aimee Nicole Walker

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Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily-ever-after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day.

What do you love most about the writing process?

To be honest, I love every phase of writing. I think writing the book is the hardest part, but it’s also my favorite. To see a concept morph into a complete story is just an amazing experience. I live every moment with my characters so their highs are my highs, and their lows are my lows. It’s better than any ride in an amusement park. I’m also the oddball who passionately loves the editing process and constantly looks for ways to improve.

So, what have you written?

I’ve written a book called Second Wind. This is a book idea that came to me while I was on vacation with my husband in Eastern Tennessee. We hadn’t updated our GPS since the previous year, and the directions to the restaurant we chose for dinner took us to the back of a new high school where their outdoor athletic fields were located. So, my husband is angry as hell, but I was enthralled by the football field and the majestic mountain view as the backdrop. My creative brain fires up immediately, and I clearly see a football game playing out. I heard the crowd cheering as the king of the gridiron scores a touchdown, the marching band playing their fight song, but what stood out in my imagination the most was the silhouette of another boy on the sideline taking pictures for the school paper and yearbook. I immediately knew three things: the king of the gridiron and the photographer were in love, nobody knew it, and their love story would take me on a journey I’d never forget.

Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers grasp?

I sometimes think in literature we write the world as we want to see it not how it really is. In many ways, that’s a good thing. It gives us a break from real life, it gives us hope for a better day, and it gives us something to strive for. In doing so, we can overlook people whose story we need to hear. In Second Wind, I try to honor the men and women all around the world who didn’t have an easy coming out experience or one at an early age. I tell the story of a man who tried to repress his true self to play by society’s rules and the journey he takes once he decides that living half of a life is not really living at all. I also try to show that members of the LGBTQ+ community don’t just come out one time; they have to come out each time they meet someone new. And most importantly, it’s never too late to find your happily ever after.

Have you ever written a scene where it has reduced you to tears?

I shed tears with every book I write. If my words don’t stir my emotions, then how can I expect to move my readers? In Second Wind particularly, I was moved to tears of sadness, joy, and triumph several times as I went on Rush and Lincoln’s journey with them.

5 Things people wouldn’t know about Aimee Nicole Walker?

I must have painted toenails always, I passionately hate mushrooms, I choose peanut butter over chocolate, I want to be a mermaid, and my parents named me after the song “Amie” by Pure Prairie League.

Second wind: a new strength or energy to continue something that is an effort. After an amicable divorce, Lincoln Huxley is ready to embrace the sexuality he repressed for more than two decades. Rush Holden is no longer willing to settle for closeted men or those who don’t share his dreams of marriage and fatherhood. A chance encounter on a lakeside pier is the second wind they both need. Or will it just be a painful reminder of all they had lost?

Second chance: an opportunity to try something again that failed one time. Rush and Lincoln have shared a lot of firsts—friendship, young love, and heartbreak. Cruel reality forced the two men to choose paths that took their lives in different directions. Twenty-six years later, they get a second chance to fall in love with each all over again. Can it really be that simple, or will the same issues ruin their happiness a second time?

Happily ever after: to live happily for the rest of one’s life. Rush and Lincoln know that love and life can’t be defined by words alone. Patience, commitment, and the determination to do whatever it takes will be the only way the two men achieve their happily ever after.

Second Wind is a funny, sexy, and endearing standalone romance novel about love, loss, and rediscovery. It contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and older.

A little about Second Wind:

Second Wind tells the tale of two boys, Rush and Lincoln, who became best friends at five years old, fell in love as teenagers, followed dreams that took them in different directions after high school, and reunited two decades later. Both men needed a second wind and found a second chance. Now, I needed to find a way to tell this four-decade tale without combining a children’s book, a new adult book, and adult themed book into one. I believe I found a creative way to do it through images, music, and words about love, loss, and rediscovery.

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