Fear and Loving in Las Vegas by J.P. Bowie

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!

When Jerry Peterson’s brother Mike begs for help in paying off a Las Vegas gambling debt, Jerry reluctantly travels to the city he loathes. Things are even worse than he expected—his brother is being held hostage until the debt is paid.

Taylor Maitland is in Vegas writing an article on compulsive gambling, an addiction his father was unable to free himself from. When the two men meet, Taylor offers to help Jerry locate his brother and negotiate with the captors.

Despite the series of violent events that screw up their plans and have them dogged by two homicidal thugs, Jerry and Taylor are drawn together by their mutual attraction for one another, even finding time in between narrow escapes to indulge in some hot man lovin’!

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Exclusive Extract:

As nice as Taylor had sounded, I couldn’t quite get over my pique at Mike. He’d done this so many times, sometimes relying on his wives to bail him out—ex-wives now, which had left me as the go-to-guy for funds. I couldn’t quite get it. Apart from his gambling sickness, Mike was a decent guy. I’d really liked Maggie, his first wife, and it seemed—to me at any rate—that they’d been happy together. They’d even talked about starting a family.

In hindsight, it was good they didn’t get any further than the talk. Sharon, Mike’s second wife who I didn’t even have time to get to know at all well, had been in and out of the marriage so fast. She had called Mom and me to let us know it was over. Mike had been in Vegas at the time—no big surprise—and had come back to an empty apartment.

I’d thought that perhaps the shock of having his second wife leave him for the same reason Maggie had left might just have given him the impetus to get his life together and quit gambling. It didn’t. Even Mom’s tough talking hadn’t slowed him down. He’d promised her he’d try, but a week later he was back in Sin City throwing away his hard-earned cash. The irony of it all was that Mike’s career as a financial consultant had been doing well and he was highly thought of by the company bosses. He’d even sent a couple of his clients to me when they’d expressed interest in purchasing real estate.

But all that went up in smoke when his compulsion took over. He’d been fired for taking too much time off without prior notice, for disappearing for days on end without letting anyone know where he was. He was sick and making all of us sick along with him. Mom worried he’d get himself into huge amounts of debt, which was exactly what he’d done. And now it had all caught up with him. I wasn’t about to tell Mom about this latest disaster. I’d wait till it was all taken care of then tell her…maybe.

about the author 1

J.P Bowie was born in Scotland and toured British theatres in numerous musical shows including Stephen Sondheim’s Company.

Emigrated to the States and worked in Las Vegas, Nevada for the magicians Siegfried and Roy as their Head of Wardrobe at the Mirage Hotel. Currently living in Henderson, Nevada.

Fear and Loving in Las Vegas by J.P. Bowie
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