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Fatima Bhutto on Viceroy’s House

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Her early years as the daughter of an exiled politician have clearly instilled in Fatima Bhutto a deep sense of justice and a fierce interest in the world around her. That’s why in March 2017 she felt compelled to speak out about the film Viceroy’s House, which she felt was an unfair portrayal of the reality of the British in India.

The film focuses on Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, and the transition to independence for the country, but does not mention the struggle for freedom fought by many ordinary Indians. Bhutto said in an article for The Guardian, “There is no mention of the freedom struggle, Gandhian civil disobedience and resistance that brought the empire to its knees without firing a shot.

“Nor of the persecution and imprisonment of India’s independence leaders, successful economic boycotts of the industrialised British behemoth or the savagery and theft of imperialism.”

Bhutto goes on to roundly condemn the way that various religious groups are portrayed, as well as her native Pakistan, saying that: “If this servile pantomime of partition is the only story that can be told of our past, then it is a sorry testament to how intensely empire continues to run in the minds of some today.”

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